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risque English comedian (1925-1992)

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My grandfather used to watch Benny Hill all the time.
In one incident, he chased a nurse around a patient's trolley and tried to grapple her like "something out of a Benny Hill escapade", the 2001 hearing heard.
A teacher's race where the teacher in charge of music chose to play the Benny Hill tune.
But his fans never deserted him and Benny Hill deserves his place in comedy's hall of fame.
1992: Politically incorrect comedian Benny Hill died on this day
Bizarre place-names and comical and colourful characters bring the mix to the boil, and the end of the novel leaves you bemused but surprisingly smiley, as if you have just watched a classic episode of Benny Hill.
Fans of the TV British comedy Benny Hill now have a fine set to refer to in THE HILL'S ANGELS YEARS: BENNY HILL--COMPLETE & UNADULTERATED, SET SIX (0767092333, $49.
Lewisohn has already produced 'The Complete Beatles Chronicle' after he catalogued all of the band's recordings at the Abbey Road studios and wrote a biography of the comedian Benny Hill.
That difference lies not only in the content of the imagery--the three inset vignettes in Funny Bones (Death of a Comic), 2002, derive from a Benny Hill comedy, and the narrow white van seen in The Delivery, 2002, is a familiar sight on any English city street--but in tone: Dennis's paintings are as understated and wry as Rauschenberg's are brash and literal.
Comedy clips from Monty Python, Benny Hill and Michael Bentine will be made available on the web site in Real or Windows Media format.
He follows the dictates of the Tchaikovsky score (David Lloyd-Jones conducts the superb New London Orchestra) but offers different images: Lez Brotherston's imaginative costumes and decor give the court a vaguely fifties feel (with Chadwick dressed to resemble the young Queen Elizabeth II); Act One's usual peasant dance turns into a parade of uniformed maids and manservants attending to the Prince's toilet; and the Pas de Trois is a hilarious takeoff on romantic ballet, complete with gawky fairies, butterflies, and a solid woodcutter who looks like Benny Hill in tights.
In the same way that such seemingly innocuous cultural phenomena as Porky's Revenge and Benny Hill have political meaning and are "voices" in a "moral debate" about social relations, Axtell's ethnohistory cannot be as "disinterested" as he intends.
Pearson Television also has a highly successful international distribution business, through which it sells its own programs (Pearson Television has a library of 15,000 hours of programs stretching back through more than 30 years of television history and including classics such as Benny Hill and The World At War) and those of other independent producers, to broadcasters in 100 countries around the world.
That's what this documentary aims to find out as it traces the story of the Christmas number one, from Harry Belafonte in 1957 to last year's single by the Military Wives, taking in everyone from the Beatles to Benny Hill on the way.
The Benny Hill Show ITV, 1969-1999 IS it just us here at TV Times Past or did anyone else out there think Danny Boyle's opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics was missing one crucial factor in its celebration of all things British?