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physician and American Revolutionary leader


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In summary, while there was a marked range of discussion about the role of religion in plans for public schooling, Benjamin Rush was alone in imagining a universal system where religious affiliation provided the basic unit of delivery: with churches providing charity schooling in cities and children segregated themselves by religion in the countryside.
John Adams, for example, believed that limited monarchy is a thing found in nature, and wrote that Americans were suited only to "Aristo-Democratical Monarchy"; Benjamin Rush predicted that the American people would become so corrupt within a century that absolute monarchy would be required to govern them.
Contrary to what Barton says, Jefferson described his religious faith in 1803 to a friend and fellow signer of the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Rush, "I am a Christian, in the only sense in which [Jesus] wished any one to be; sincerely attached to his doctrines, in preference to all others; ascribing to himself every human excellence; and believing he never claimed any other.
The four school projects that received the state funds includes $3,105,337 for Alexander Graham Bell Elementary Schoolin Kirkland; $2,661,490 for Benjamin Rush Elementary Schoolin Redmond; $5,301,313 for Rose Hill/Stella Schola Middleschools in Redmond; and $2,761,777 for International Community School/Community Schoolin Kirkland.
Adams wrote sarcastically to Benjamin Rush that if things got any worse, his pastor might begin public worship with, "Let us sing to the praise and glory of G.
Only a year after Paine published his pamphlet, the friend who had suggested the title Common Sense, the physician and revolutionary leader Benjamin Rush, decided that it was a mistake to conflate common sense with equality.
Printers such as Robert Bell increasingly published and disseminated the work of physicians such as Benjamin Rush, who described how a person's network of nerves connected one's mind to one's body and implied how a similar set of connections linked each individual in society.
Reflecting this modern faith, the Constitution has been described as "the machine that would go of itself," and the colonial physician Benjamin Rush characterized its citizenry as "republican machines.
Friendship and healing; the dreams of John Adams and Benjamin Rush.
Benjamin Rush, a physician and signer of the Declaration of Independence (Katcher 1993).
Pickens Hospital in Greenville, SC, was elected vice president of the Benjamin Rush Society (BRS) at its annual meeting January 20-22, 2010, in Grand Cayman, British West Indies.
The best known of these was Benjamin Rush, a member of the Continental Congress.
Benjamin Rush predicted that Witherspoon's "works will probably preserve his name to the end of time" (p.
We have to remember that one of the brilliant signers of the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Rush, M.
It is no problem for the informed reader to identify Benjamin Rush or Eldridge Gerry, but who was Jared Sparks, to whom Jefferson wrote a long missive on the possibility of creating a colony in Africa for the re-colonization of African slaves?