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port in northern Libya on the Gulf of Sidra

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Benghazi airport lies 32 km to the east of the city, and connects the city with some foreign cities, as well as with major cities in Libya.
We buried him inside Benghazi, from where the Germans had run, We buried him inside Benghazi, under the Libyan sun.
The Benghazi program provides viewers with critical background information about the Sept.
BENGHAZI - At least 340 people have been killed in fighting for Libya's second city Benghazi since the launch of a government-backed offensive against Islamist militias a month ago, medical sources said Saturday.
Benghazi' Appalled by the cheer killing of young military soldiers in Benghazi by a car bomb, the Libyan Minister of Justice said our international partners should be asked to help us fight terrorists who have declared war on innocent Libyans.
Blasts and assassinations are not uncommon in Benghazi, where security forces are battling Islamist militants tied to the Ansar al-Sharia group, which Washington has listed as a foreign terrorist organization.
AFP -- An explosion Monday at a guard post outside a Libyan courthouse in Benghazi killed one judiciary policeman and seriously wounded another, officials said.
Most countries closed their consulates in Benghazi after a series of attacks and some foreign airlines have stopped flying there.
According to dpa, three people were also wounded in the early Sunday attack that targeted a security checkpoint some 60 kilometres east of Benghazi, added the report.
AT least seven soldiers have been killed by a car bomb at a military base in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi.
No group claimed responsibility for the bombing in Benghazi, where Libyan armed forces have been battling militants from hardline Islamist groups such as Ansar al Sharia, listed as a foreign terrorist organization by Washington.
BENGHAZI (TAP) - Libyan officials say a truck bomb at a military checkpoint outside Benghazi has killed 13 people.
citizen working at an international school in the Libyan city of Benghazi , medical and security sources said Thursday.
American teacher Ronnie Smith has been shot dead by militants while jogging in Libya's eastern city of Benghazi, local officials said.
Our consulate in Benghazi was woefully unprotected.