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port in northern Libya on the Gulf of Sidra

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the opposition in Bengazi reiterated their continued commitment to work
And the public of these murderous, marauding Western ram raiders, will be told that we were bringing democracy, liberating Libya from a tyrant, from the "new Hitler", the "Butcher of Bengazi.
SUNA said the minister had given orders to expedite evacuation efforts and charter a ship to transport Sudanese citizens in Libya's eastern city of Bengazi.
Andreas Zenonos, head of consular affairs and in charge of the crisis management centre, said three Cypriots and a Greek national working in Bengazi had initially asked to flee the country but after consulting with their employers decided to stay.
Ranting address: Muammar Gaddafion Libyan TV and (inset) demonstrators clamber over a captured tank inthe Libyan second city of Bengazi.
Ali: Economics Department, University of Garyounis, Bengazi, P.
The British oil and gas company BP is in the final stages of its seismic underground investigations in the huge Sirte basin west of the city of Bengazi in north Libya.
It connected the Italian intelligent posts in Bardia (Burgi Soleimann/El Bardiya) and Bengazi (Ben-Ghazi) with the British one in Es-Sallum.
Ben, now known as Chief Bengazi, said: "It's an idyllic existence.
During that time, the Reagan Administration ordered a series of military attacks on Tripoli and Bengazi in response to Libyan terrorist plots.
We were driven around in a pink coach watched by men in suits and when we got to Bengazi they laid on a dinner for us at a hotel.
The tanks swept through Graziani's encampments and drove the Italians back 250 miles to Bengazi and beyond.
This comes after a similar truck crisis earlier this month, when over 70 Egyptian trucks and their drivers were held by Libyan citizens near Bengazi.