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port in northern Libya on the Gulf of Sidra

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When the system seems to have won the battle (as Bengazi says, prisoners "have been coming for twenty years and they will come for a hundred years more…"), there comes the liberation: Faraj, relief, which is the name of the rare blue bird of the title.
The basic facts have been clearly established and should be beyond dispute, yet Republicans continue to hammer at the administration, offering their own unsubstantiated versions of events in Bengazi.
Archie Chatham Poppy Field Archie served in the Royal Army Pay Corps from 1954-56 and saw active service in Suez and Bengazi.
Estados Unidos, a su vez, se ha limitado a responder o contener el caos con medidas poco energicas, como lo hizo frente al ataque a su consulado en Bengazi del 11 de septiembre de 2012.
GMCO, which offers consultancy and technical support for broadcasters and radio stations, undertook the entire studio project for Bengazi from designing the studio and lighting grid to configuring the AV, lighting equipment and devices including the vision mixer, the sound mixer, camcorders, CCU, CG, VTR, frames, racks, consoles, monitors, lighting, cables, and all other studio accessories.
El mundo asistio a mujeres veladas, y sin estar veladas, a marchar en Tunez, gritando esloganes en el Bahrein y en Yemen, enfrentando gas lacrimogeno en Egipto, liderando varias actividades en el mundo real, como abogadas libias que organizaron el movimiento anti-Qaddafi en Bengazi, y en el ciberespacio, como el caso de la egipcia Asmaa Mahfouz, una de las ganadoras del premio Sakharov y que colgo un video online incentivando a losjovenes que salieran a las calles.
Elsewhere in the region we have withdrawn from any effort to promote peace between Israel and the Palestinians, seem again to be "leading from behind" in Syria and there is also the Bengazi bungle which has provoked much criticism.
16 -- The Republican politicians screamed bloody murder when 4 US embassy officials died in Bengazi, but they all are mute when 20 innocent children and 7 adults died in Connecticut.
El CNT a lo sumo controla algunos barrios de Tripoli, y las verdaderas relaciones de poder giran en torno al tribalismo y al islamismo militante de al-Qaeda o el Grupo Islamico de Combate Libio; el ataque del 11 de septiembre de 2012 al consulado norteamericano en Bengazi, perpetrado por islamistas radicales enfurecidos, es revelador.
the opposition in Bengazi reiterated their continued commitment to work
And the public of these murderous, marauding Western ram raiders, will be told that we were bringing democracy, liberating Libya from a tyrant, from the "new Hitler", the "Butcher of Bengazi.
SUNA said the minister had given orders to expedite evacuation efforts and charter a ship to transport Sudanese citizens in Libya's eastern city of Bengazi.
Andreas Zenonos, head of consular affairs and in charge of the crisis management centre, said three Cypriots and a Greek national working in Bengazi had initially asked to flee the country but after consulting with their employers decided to stay.
Ranting address: Muammar Gaddafion Libyan TV and (inset) demonstrators clamber over a captured tank inthe Libyan second city of Bengazi.
Ali: Economics Department, University of Garyounis, Bengazi, P.