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(Hinduism) a member of a people living in Bangladesh and West Bengal (mainly Hindus)

an ethnic group speaking Bengali and living in Bangladesh and eastern India

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a Magadhan language spoken by the Bengali people


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NathueIUs competition across the road, Bengali Sweet House was opened in 1937 by Lala Bhim Sain with the money he saved from the canteen he ran in the sessions courts that were operating out of the neighbouring Ferozeshah Road.
The neighbourhood Bengali residents said the Biharis had a brawl with police after midnight when a police patrol team asked them not to explode crackers.
The organizers of the event said the main aim was to promote unity and brotherhood that was deep rooted in Bengali culture.
Bengalis were underrepresented in government and the military, which led to disenchantment between the two regions.
The purpose of the demonstration was to raise awareness of the grave human rights abuses carried out by the hands of Pakistani Army in 1971 for crushing the Bengali Political Movements.
Hindu Bengalis are in a clear majority though their population is small.
Meanwhile, in Abu Dhabi, the Bengali community gathered on Friday to celebrate Pahela Baishakh, or New Year's Day according to the Bengali calendar.
Particular aspects of these Bengali intellectuals' views stand out, such as Bhudev's attachment to an aryadharma, defense or an idealized version of caste, choice of the--patriarchal--family rather than the individual as a principal point of reference, areas of convergence and divergence with Auguste Comte's positivist sociology, and--rare among Bengalis--support of Hindi as a link language for national cohesion.
VIBRANT saris, folk dance and classical music added to the fun at the first Bengali New Year celebration in Coventry.
Lahiri's stories appeal because she marries the experiences of these generally educated, ambitious, and upwardly mobile Bengalis with familiar and often successful symbols of the "American dream.
Or will they refuse them and fight the claimants in court when they claim that their human right to these grants is being infringed, quoting Cllr Kerr as the legal authority on the subject, and the precedent of a grant to Bengalis as evidence that they are being discriminated against on racial grounds.
It will be a valuable educational resource for educational and community institutions, the people of Birmingham today and for future generations of Bengalis in Britain
Both in the state of West Bengal and in Bangladesh, Bengalis remain among the poorest of South Asians.
In the ensuing nine-month civil war, some 10 million refugees (mostly Hindus targeted by the Muslim Pakistani army) fled to India, and an estimated 1 million Bengalis were killed.