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a Magadhan language spoken by the Bengali people


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In Bengal, a region in the far east of the Indian subcontinent, nationalists argued that the Bengali language and culture constituted the basis of a single nation in spite of religious differences.
It was like a big family programme meant to showcase our culture and honour Bengali language," said M Nasiruddin, embassy counsellor.
Amina achieved a Masters degree from Dakha University in Bangladesh and lectured in Bengali language and literature before moving to England to join her husband.
In a tribute Saturday to the contributions Christians have made to India, especially here in the Bengal region, The Telegraph newspaper of Calcutta recalled the work of missionary scholars who regularized and enriched Bengali grammar and encouraged writing in the Bengali language.
They do not know that I own a false tooth attached to a partial denture, or that when I insert the denture I can scarcely pronounce their Bengali language.
My first job in jail will be to learn the Bengali language," Modi said.
Now Bengali language has been recognised internationally.
The Bengali language daily Protham Alo said that the signing of these agreements were to be the centerpiece of the historic visit of the Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh.
She played an instrumental role in pushing for a UN General Assembly to adopt a far-reaching resolution on the role of microcredit in the eradication of poverty as well as declaring February 21 as the International Language Day - that started with the Bengali Language Movement of 1952.
The ruling Left Front, on the other hand, seems slightly subdued on the slogan front for a change, restricting itself to the left war cry of 'Inquilaab Zindabad' and an appeal for vote on the party symbol with 'vote for survival on the star, hammer, sickle symbol', of course all in regional Bengali language.
Abu Dhabi The decades-old struggle for Bengali language was a contribution towards promoting mother languages of all citizens of the world, the Bangladeshi Ambassador to the UAE said yesterday at a function to commemorate Martyrs Day.
The posters in Bengali language reads - "The state's work culture has been murdered.
The comprehensive defeat of the Islamist parties that sought to take Bangladesh away from its democratic and secular roots, and which had sought in 1971 to impose Urdu as a national language and suppress Bengali language and culture, is the real story of the election.
Bengalis were rebuffed by no less than the country's founder who told them that the Bengali language was not going to be given the national status that they were fiercely demanding, and that only Urdu was going to be the national language.
Though Hiuen-Tsang is said to have followed suit in the 7th century, it was long before the Bengali language came into its own.