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Actresses Dyan Cannon, Betty White and Linda Blair all showed up at Mayor Richard Riordan's Italian-style home Saturday, but the real stars were Ishi the gray fox, Kadari the Bengal tiger and Tango the orangutan.
Shirkon and Tara are the only Bengal tigers in the world trained to actually leap-attack and bring down a human and then know when to stop," said Miller from his Predators In Action company's mountain compound in Big Bear City, Calif.
STICKY SITUATION: Caramel the bear, above, needs re-housed along with the zoo's Bengal tigers, right
THERE are about 300 Bengal tigers in captivity, mainly in zoos.
Stourport vet Bill Rosie uses a portable X-ray machine to examine the rear right leg of Queens, a rare white Bengal tiger Pictures, JOHN JAMES An X-ray of the tiger's lower rear right leg.
CINCINNATI, March 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Gunther Gebel-Williams, The Greatest Wild Animal Trainer of All Time, returns to the giant steel cage to face 12 Royal Bengal tigers tomorrow night as a special guest star for Ringling Bros.
Currently, almost seventy animals live at Shambala, including African lions, Siberian and Bengal tigers, leopards, snow leopards, servals, mountain lions, lynxes, a Florida panther, a cheetah, and an African Elephant.
Sharjah Faisal Iqbal, the nephew of former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad, hit an elegant 41 runs but could not steer Dhaka Sports Club to victory over the Bengal Tigers in the PCL T20 Bashundhara Cup at the Sharjah Cup on Wednesday.
There are around 17 Bengal tigers and one white tiger in Punjab.
According to a UN-funded census, the 10,000 square kilometres Sunderbans mangrove forest, which straddles India and Bangladesh, is home to at least 668 endangered Royal Bengal tigers, with some 420 living on the Bangladesh side.
The family, which also includes another youngster, Buster, are now the largest family group of white Bengal tigers in the UK.
Crowds thrilled to floats such as ``Animal Ambassadors,'' Rain Bird's Sweepstakes Award winner for its misty menagerie of Bengal tigers covered in strawflower, yarrow and cordon blossoms, and ``Born in the USA,'' American Honda's Extraordinaire Award winner with its 50-foot American techno-robot.
Sharjah The PCL T-20 Bashundhara Cup began at Sharjah Cricket Stadium with Top Sports and the Bengal Tigers recording comfortable victories.
Having paid EUR150 to watch Christian Walliser, 28, crack the whip, diners saw the Bengal tigers take their revenge and start to eat him.
Wildlife rangers in Bangladesh said yesterday they have stopped tracking Royal Bengal tigers due to the mystery death of two of the critically endangered big cats who were fitted with radio transmitters.