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southern short-haired tiger

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The orange and black can design shows the endangered Bengal Tiger in a jungle setting, while the name of the beer "Bay of Bengal" references the region in which the Bengal Tiger live.
Al Ain Zoo celebrates an Asian-themed month filled with a wide array of interactive and exciting activities this October to celebrate species from Asia, with special focus on Bengal Tigers, Axis Deer, Nilgai and Blackbucks.
Endangered Bengal tigers at Dubai Zoo have become mentally ill due to the "distressing environment" they are cooped up in, a tiger expert believes.
The DNA of an African white lion and white Bengal tiger revealed that both cats' pale coats are due to mutations in a gene that also gives some domestic cats white fur.
A statement by the Directorate of relations and media said today, " Zoo park of Zawra of Baghdad witnessed within the last August the birth of a second rarest tigers in the world is the white Bengal tiger , which is one of / 200 / tigers survive in natural reserves and zoos around the world , noting that the birth of this Tiger came due to differences in genes.
DVD LIFE OF PI (PG) BEAUTIFUL, moving and mesmerising story of a young man marooned on a lifeboat with a fearsome Bengal Tiger.
Bulldog Hugo eats, sleeps and plays with white lion Igor and white Bengal tiger, Ice - and even disciplines them.
Summary: Albert the Bengal tiger has moved into a dog pound.
Animal lover Nigel rejoined the Chipperfield Circus where he was attacked by a 25-stone Bengal tiger called Rajah.
Nineteen restaurants in Birmingham alone are throwing their collective weight behind the Sundarbans Tiger Project (STP), which works to save the Bengal Tiger and has won the support of the British Curry Club.
In 2010, a zoo keeper was killed by a Bengal tiger at Shanghai Zoo after apparently forgetting to lock the animal's cage.
A TALK and film show In Search of the Bengal Tiger - based on a trip to Nepal - was given to The Huddersfield Group of the Institute of Advanced Motorists by Mel Cook.
The Bengal tiger, which lives in the wilds and forests of the Indian subcontinent, has been classified in 2010 by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) among animals threatened with extinction.
This year's fair included Winn's Thrill Shows and a white Bengal tiger show.
It tells the story of Dorje, a Royal Bengal tiger without stripes who is sheltered by a monastery in the Himalayas.