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United States poet

United States writer

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Nestle recalled Benet to Switzerland head office and appointed Narayanan, who becomes the first Indian to get this position after more than 16 years.
He had received overpayments of PS24,000plus in housing benet and more than PS3,000 in council tax benet.
Universal Credit is a new Department for Work and Pensions benet which replaces jobseekers allowance, employment and support allowance, income support, working tax credit, child tax credit and housing benet.
Since the heating allowance is paid per household (a married couple receives one PS200 only) as opposed to per person, potentially ten OAPs receive the same benet as one child.
Company car drivers continue to be hit with further increases in the benet in kind charge announced from 2019/20 (following increases previously announced).
New gures from the Department of Work and Pensions show the number of Coventry working households reliant on housing benet has trebled from 2,045 in May 2010 to 6,631 in March this year.
Once this rst stage is complete, businesses in these areas will be set to benet from the advantages of fast bre broadband.
While the bedroom tax is widely seen as unfair, many politicians in all parties think there is public support for the benet cap.
Meanwhile, the report says, the combined wealth of the richest 10 people in Wales shot up by PS874m in the past year just as the Welsh Government calculates that the poorest people in Wales will lose PS900m as benet and tax credit cuts bite next year alone.
For Benet, the relationship between language and reality is of a more inquisitive nature, and serves the author to dig deeper in post Civil War Spain and the many complexities of the Francoist regime.
Benet as its Chief Executive Officer, effective May 1, 2011.
Puerto Rico's celebrity Chef Wilo Benet sold all shares in Paya, the contemporary criollo bistro, to Grupo Ferre Rangel for an undisclosed amount, reports Caribbean Business (Jan.
The newly released 'Trailblazer: An Intimate Biography of Sarah Palin', written by Lorenzo Benet, contains an intriguing claim that runs counter to previously published reports about how Palin ended up as GOP presidential nominee John McCain's running mate, reports Politico.
St Benet Paul's Wharf, in the City of London, has closed its doors due to its "dwindling congregation" of around seven or eight people.
When Benet Laboratories, a Department of Army research, development and engineering facility located at the Watervliet Arsenal in upstate New York, wanted to develop a single-piece casting to replace a four-piece multi-metal fabrication, it required a rapid prototype to verify the castability and functionality of the design.