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It is the first strategic joint program of the Benelux countries, and will provide the ground soldiers with a cutting-edge system that will provide enhance survivability and safety while increasing their capabilities and effectiveness in the digital battlefield.
9 million proceeds of the sale a mi-noritinvestment in Dutch company Neholl, which runs galvanizing operations throughout the Benelux countries, which yielded a profit of about pounds 618,000.
CERAM Surface and Materials Analysis (CSMA), Staffordshire, UK, has joined forces with the Paint Research Association (PRA), Hampton, UK, to develop its business in the Benelux countries.
Quorn, which has been selling mainly its ingredient products through DeHaize, Colruyt and Carrefour and some frozen lines into Colruy sees Belgium as a turnkey market for building the brand across the rest of the Benelux countries.
Jaarbeur said the deal will not change VNU Exhibitions' strategy to remain operational and expand in the Benelux countries, Russia, China and Asia.
I campaigned for a no vote in 1975 as I realised that it would not stop at a trading agreement but that the then six members France, West Germany, Italy and the Benelux countries had their eyes on a more powerful all-embracing union with powers to interfere and take over the inner workings of each and every member of the EU, stripping them of their democracy.
Van der Beek is responsible for regions such as Central and South America, Africa, China, the Benelux countries and Germany.
Orders are already in progress for Scandinavia (first stop Sweden, where Weight Watchers is translated into Viktvaktarna) and now the company has opened offices in Amsterdam, initially to service the Benelux countries.
The court rejected Anheuser-Busch's claims that Budvar had no right to have the beer labels registered in the Benelux countries because it didn't use them for their products.
Mirec, headquartered in Holland, operates throughout the Benelux countries, Sweden and the U.
has received copies of papers filed against the company in the Netherlands by Microsoft Corporation asking the court to fine Lindows 100,000 euros per day for permitting its website to be reachable by visitors from the Benelux countries (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg).
We are all of us frequent fliers, racking up psychic jet lag (William Gibson suggests in Pattern Recognition that the soul, dangling umbilically in the jet stream, trails behind the Bocing 747 and only arrives sometime after landing), having to ask for passport stamps simply to prove we've been in all of the Benelux countries.
The medieval Low Countries are comparatively little known to Anglophone scholars, who have long studied the histories of medieval England, France, and Italy, and in recent years and to a lesser extent Germany and Spain, but generally not the antecedents of the modern Benelux countries.
Tue Mantoni, commercial director of Triumph Motorcycles UK, based in Hinckley, said: "During this year we have increased our sales in the Benelux countries by close to 20 per cent and we expect that growth to increase further.
To serve Northern and Central Europe, the Benelux countries, Africa and the Middle East, John Deere has established a special sales branch known as John Deere International, Schaffhausen, Switzerland.