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Synonyms for benediction

Synonyms for benediction

a short prayer said at meals

Synonyms for benediction

the act of praying for divine protection


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a ceremonial prayer invoking divine protection

References in classic literature ?
D'Artagnan knelt as well as the rest, received his share of the benediction and made the sign of the cross; but when Bazin passed in his turn, with his eyes raised to Heaven and walking, in all humility, the very last, D'Artagnan pulled him by the hem of his robe.
Alas, monsieur, I already am so greatly indebted to you that I may never hope to settle my own account, so pray do not add further to my obligations," and she smiled so sweetly upon him that Tarzan felt that a man might easily attempt much greater things than he had accomplished, solely for the pleasure of receiving the benediction of that smile.
Immediately after the service Father Sergius, having pronounced the benediction on those present, went over to the bench under the elm tree at the entrance to the cave.
I cannot do more to-day,' and, pronouncing a general benediction, he returned to the bench.
She paused, waiting with expectancy the benediction of her mother's kiss, but Mrs.
The sunshine rests upon his shoulder-straps, lovingly, like a visible benediction.
Birds sang around Green Gables; the Madonna lilies in the garden sent out whiffs of perfume that entered in on viewless winds at every door and window, and wandered through halls and rooms like spirits of benediction.
Anne and Leslie bowed as those receiving a benediction.
The stillness of an eternal Sunday lay on the place like a benediction.
I do sincerely trust that the benediction that is always awaiting me in my garden may by degrees be more deserved, and that I may grow in grace, and patience, and cheerfulness, just like the happy flowers I so much love.
Tomorrow; If you ask me, I should say, the benediction today and the wedding tomorrow.
But can the trousseau and the benediction and all that--can it spoil my happiness?
The benediction and announcement can take place now.
He gave the benediction afterwards in Latin, but either Will Atkins did not know but it was French, or else did not take notice of it at that time.
He said a great many good things to them both; and then, recommending them to God's goodness, gave them the benediction again, I repeating everything to them in English; and thus ended the ceremony.