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a monk or nun belonging to the order founded by Saint Benedict

a French liqueur originally made by Benedictine monks

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Fr Laurence Freeman a Benedictine monk and spiritual successor to John Main is the Director and spiritual guide of the community.
But only close confidantes would have known the inner turmoil troubling the Benedictine monk, who had suffered from depression for the last 12 years.
Richard Sipe, a onetime Benedictine monk, longtime psychotherapist, and author who has studied priests' sexuality for 40 years, says Navarro-Valls's statement "runs counter to every tradition in the church," in which love, service, and celibacy have been the primary criteria for ordination.
History: Engelberg owes its name to Konrad von Sellenbueren, a Zurich nobleman turned Benedictine monk.
Many of his supporters were religious as well as secular academicians, among them the Benedictine monk, Benedetto Castelli, and the inventor of the barometer, Evangelista Torricelli.
Fellow Benedictine monk, Fr Mark Tierney of Glenstal Abbey, Co Limerick, who has been vice-postulator of Marmion's "cause of canonisation" for 10 years, said Mrs Bitzan regarded herself as a tool and the miracle as a gift.
Homer, who has called attention to this topic in earlier publications, here turns to Robert Rypon, a Benedictine monk of Durham priory, and discusses his preaching of the pastoralia--the Ten Commandments, Creed, seven deadly sins, etc.
The worldwide influence of the Benedictine monk and teacher John Main surfaces in most stories.
Quarr Abbey was designed by French Benedictine monk Dom Paul Bellot (1876-1944).
Father Paul Schwietz, a Benedictine monk and land manager of St.
Ambrose also spent twelve years as a Benedictine Monk, and attended Stanford University, Duke University and John Carroll University.
A Benedictine monk, Kollar (history, Saint Vincent College, Pennsylvania) explores the hostility towards the establishment of convent life, both Anglican and Roman Catholic, in 19th-century England.
The book details episodes in his life including as a bouncer at the famous Fiesta nightclub in Stockton, as a Benedictine monk, in a job at Head Wrightson - where he lost an arm - and about his embarking on a career in advertising.
St Vitalis of Assisi, a Benedictine monk who died in 1370, was reputed to have repented after living a life of debauchery.
Benedict Abbey in Still River, MA where his son, Robert, is a Benedictine Monk.