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a monk or nun belonging to the order founded by Saint Benedict

a French liqueur originally made by Benedictine monks

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The renowned laboratory is only a few miles from Benedictine, allowing Tischler the opportunity to break new ground without breaking the treasured, rare eggs she used to assess past environmental living conditions of native animals from across the United States.
The cathedral existed as a Benedictine monastery until 1539, when it became one of the Church of England's major cathedrals, but retains its Benedictine inheritance.
Kessler presents Benedictine Men and Women of Courage Roots and History, a descriptive one-volume history of Benedictine monasticism, now in a revised edition.
However the site, including the churchyard, remains the property of the Benedictine Order, based at Ampleforth Abbey in Yorkshire.
It was home to 12 Benedictine monks until the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1537.
The combination of Benedictine and Orange Curacao make this drink more approachable for folks that would otherwise steer clear of a Scotch-based drink, plus it works well in all seasons.
Vladimiroff, a native of Erie, joined the Benedictine community in 1957 and pronounced her perpetual monastic vows in 1962.
Benedictine has been certified by Maryland s Division of Rehabilitation Services to assist an 8-week training series in the hospitality industry.
Reform, Conflict, and the Shaping of Corporate Identities: Collected Studies on Benedictine Monasticism 1050-1150
Benedictine (50cl) is on sale at selected stores of Sainsbury, Asda, Morrisons and Tesco with prices ranging from PS15.
10 Cork Father's Day Racing June 16th Handicap Hurdle 2m4f ATR Card page 74 THE apple of trainer Brendan Duke's eye, Mister Benedictine makes his seasonal reappearance at the fourth time of asking.
Lehner offers a synthetic social, cultural, and intellectual overview of Benedictine monks in southern and central Germany, Switzerland, and Austria in the three generations before the end of the Reichskirche and confiscation of monastic property in 1803, as they differentially adopted and adapted new ideas and social behaviors during decades marked by both vitality and multiple challenges.
I am also a Benedictine oblate; the reason I was drawn to become one was the Benedictine devotion to singing the liturgy of the hours.
The Benedictine order occupied Stanbrook Abbey, in Callow End, near Worcester, for 150 years.
8 million Cdn) project commissioned by the Benedictine Saint John's Abbey and the Saint John's University in Minnesota.