Benedict Arnold

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United States general and traitor in the American Revolution


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Nathan Hale, Richard Rogers, and Benedict Arnold are three very well known names in early American history, but most people would be able to say little about them, other than they are well known.
s WSpies, in which he appears as famous American traitor Benedict Arnold who defects to the British side during the revolutionary war of the 1700s.
What if Benedict Arnold had obeyed orders at Saratoga?
Pennsylvania Archives, Fifth Series, Volume II, (Harrisburg, PA: Harrisburg Publishing Company, State Printer, 1906), 4; Lefkowitz, Benedict Arnold, 44-46.
Few people know much about Benedict Arnold other than his famous treason, and this book not only provides a more comprehensive look at the man himself, but explores a largely overlooked subject: how some of the soldiers who followed him into a 1775 attack on Quebec went on to play significant roles in the American Revolution.
One of the first men to join the fight was a merchant and militia leader from Connecticut named Benedict Arnold.
I read pages of spidery handwritten testimony, both from Samuel and the men he'd served with, offering an account of the six months in 1780 when Samuel, then a teenager, joined the Continental Army at West Point, just after Benedict Arnold had tried to betray the fort to the British.
Laura Childs' EGGS BENEDICT ARNOLD (9780425231555, $7.
6) The Vulture carried Benedict Arnold to safety after he had surrendered West Point.
And you want his Clippers' legacy to be as the Benedict Arnold of hardwood?
McCullough introduces us to George Washington, King George III, and Benedict Arnold, as well as lesser-known but equally colorful characters like Major General Charles Lee, Washington's deputy.
For example, when Rose discusses Benedict Arnold, he describes Arnold as "a heroic and valiant soldier" but also as "a low, sly Iago among traitors.
When asked for comment Beacher offered the following, "the situation is hard, Loomis was like a brother to me," he then became extremely emotional and admitted that he "actually cried the night he heard that Little Tim was a Little Benedict Arnold.