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a mountain or tall hill

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Looking at the jobs of being general counsel and in-house attorneys, Benes says they should offer advice to companies that follows the "spirit and letter of the law" but still benefits the company's bottom line.
The Benes network consists of back-to-back butterflies.
These utilitarian structures were caught up in multiple networks of religious and social meaning and change, and Benes deftly puts the buildings, spaces, and the material objects used in them in conversation with Protestant religious and liturgical practices and social and political life.
Benes and his colleagues from Purdue and Adobe Systems Inc.
8) During the 1976 campaign, Jimmy Carter appointed a Cuban exile, Miami's Bernardo Benes, as Florida Director of Hispanic Affairs.
In 1944, a memorial service was held in Coventry for Lidice and attended by Czech President Benes.
Benes is part of the firm Gold, Stewart, Kravatz, Benes & Stone, LLC, where he represents many high-profile clients including celebrities, a publishing company, and several businesspeople.
And in the same year where did Eduard Benes succeeded Masaryk as president?
All compositions were penned by Mela, except for the selections Benes (composed by guitarist Lionel Loueke) and Pequena Serenata de Urna (a Silvio Rodriguez composition).
With 25 years of experience in the agriculture industry, Vernon Benes has a deep understanding of effective sales and marketing strategies in the crop protection channel.
After resigning in 1938 as president of Czechoslovakia, Edvard Benes left his country and established a Czechoslovak government-in-exile in London.
After spending most of his life in Italy, a gray-haired gent named Benes (Josef Abrham) returns to the Czech Republic to dispose of some family property.
Eduard Benes, the president of Czechoslovakia and a Czech, resigned on 5 October 1939 in the immediate aftermath of the Munich Agreement.
All ready overwait, she eight stake, bred, benes, bury pi.
This debut "novella in dialogue" hauntingly illustrated with monotypes by Vilem Benes, is the first publication from Hotel St.