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Synonyms for bender

Synonyms for bender

a tool for bending

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revelry in drinking

a pitch of a baseball that is thrown with spin so that its path curves as it approaches the batter

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Based in Wrexham, UK, Benders manufactures paper cups for hot drinks.
The deployment is due to go live this December with IFS Applications for manufacturing, supply chain and finance, which will enable Benders Paper Cups to revitalize operations across the business from having the proper IT infrastructure in place for equipment upgrades to allowing the finance team to process direct debit transactions.
The new look perfectly embodies the Birch Benders mission statement: "We believe that some of the best moments in life are spent around the table with the ones you love.
With this fresh and innovative look, Birch Benders continues to raise the bar for pancake & waffle mix by bringing a much-needed level of artistry to the category.
Benders said the sale of the business completes a turnaround and restructuring which began in 2007 and the company is now looking to become Europe''s leading dedicated paper cup manufacturer.
The Benders prefer firms in ``pure play,'' or those that derive about 90 percent of their business from growth within the industry they're studying.
In February 2007 Benders was re-financed through a management buyout with support from Barclays Ventures.
The other 14 remotes control an assortment of VCRs, laser disc players, video games and stereos, as well as the rarely watched TV sets in the rest of the house (the Benders have eight in all).
Bender (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2004.
Services: Founded in 1919, Bender is now in its third generation of Bender family management.