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a weightlift in which you lie on your back on a bench and press weights upward

a small punch press mounted on a workbench

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At the second event Longford lifted 330ng in the squat, 240kg in the benchpress and 330kg in the deadlift.
Competing in the 75k class (under 18) against Junior lifters from all over Britain, he won with ease, lifting an impressive total of 610k with a squat of 220k, benchpress of 160k and deadlift of 230k.
The Aussie props spent much of this match with their noses in the Twickenham turf, unable to compete with the sheer muscle of the man who can benchpress 500lbs.
The 68-year-old has just returned from Texas where he conquered all before him in the Masters 3 category of the Benchpress Single- Championships.
While he was doing a benchpress exercise, Harrison felt a twinge in his stomach and the medical assessment was worse than he had feared.
The plug is designed to terminate 28 and 30 AWG stranded wires using a benchpress or high-speed applicator.
She claimed the 15st exboxer - who could benchpress 520lbs - would not have allowed his son to die.
He managed 100kg in the squat lift, 60kg in the benchpress and 180kg in the deadlift - despite pulling a muscle in his back and suffering cramp in his leg.
The Greenock-born athlete travels to Texas this month in search of gold at the Masters Benchpress Single Championships convinced he's in better shape than ever.