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port in northern Libya on the Gulf of Sidra

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Last September, Ben Ghazi began a journey in rural regions, documenting the lives and hardships suffered by women and girls in those remote areas.
Munir Betelmal, the president of the group, is a third year student from Ben Ghazi.
The decision, which was announced by the UAE's Central Bank, comes after the UAE recognised the Libya's National Transition Council in Ben Ghazi as the sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people, in a decision announced on June 12.
She made a particular mention of deteriorating security situation in the eastern part of Libya like Ben Ghazi where the writ of central authority had been vanished, but all out facilities were being extended to Pakistanis.
This source adds that the General Representative of Tunisia in Libya, the General Consulate of Tunisia in Tripoli and the Consulate of Tunisia in Ben Ghazi are following closely the situation of members of the Tunisian community and endeavour to offer them necessary help, in association with the different Tunisian structures concerned.