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an Apocryphal book mainly of maxims (resembling Proverbs in that respect)

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Ben Sira doesn't concern himself with the origin of sin, the problem of evil, or the hope of the afterlife.
If our belonging to the God whose mercy knows no limit does not inspire us to forgive, perhaps the warning of Jesus ben Sira and the Matthean Jesus will provide the impetus.
Hoffman and Cole bring us full circle at the end of the book, describing recent portions of the same Ben Sira Hebrew text that was Schechter's first major discovery a century ago, suggesting that more significant fragments may yet turn up and that these treasures of the ancient world will prove to be an universe.
In addition, a number of books appear to have been written in opposition to certain hellenizing tendencies, as, for example, Ben Sira and Jubilees, although even these exhibit a certain measure of outside influence.
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Jesus ben Sira compared the process of acquiring wisdom in life to becoming a man (or, we can add, a woman) of God; Jesus of Nazareth, in today's Gospel, likens this struggle to becoming an authentic disciple of the kingdom of God.
Topics of literary studies are the Sumerian poem Gilgamesh and the Bull of Heaven (Simonetta Ponchia), Ben Sira (Marttti Nissinen), the apocryphal Book of Judith (Robert Rollinger), a passage from the incantation series Maqlu (Tzvi Abusch), and The Poor Man of Nippur (Manfried Dietrich).
Herford draws our attention to Avot 4:4 for "a somewhat similar case" of another statement in the name of a Mishnaic sage, Rabbi Levitas of Yavneh, whereas, in reality his is also a quotation, this time from the Wisdom book of Ben Sira (7:17).
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Eight of the articles examine Deuteronomistic history (one is in German and one in French) and two are on the Book of Ben Sira.
In today's first reading, Jesus ben Sira drew on his faith family's wisdom tradition to offer advice to families everywhere.
But it is hard to see that the wisdom psalms really reflect that period, as Perdue tacitly admits when he adduces other wisdom psalms including Ben Sira and Proverbs 3 and 8.
The eradication of the political border between Judea and the Babylonian Diaspora must have facilitated the interaction between the Jews in Judea and those in the East, whose cultural frame of reference included eastern mysticism and other components which served both as catalyst and fuel for the "religious ferment" against which Ben Sira polemicized.
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