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English dramatist and poet who was the first real poet laureate of England (1572-1637)

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Despite this elaborate positioning, however, the model of authorial self-explication Knapp proposes largely issues in a cliched dichotomy contrasting Shakespeare as a populist who accepts the "common" nature of "mass entertainment" and Ben Jonson as a self-styled "master-poet" who defines himself "in opposition to the theater" (68).
While he acknowledges the massive scholarship of the Oxford Ben Jonson of C.
Originally, Ben Jonson was supposed to be the frontman for de Vere's artistry but William, one of Jonson's actors, muscled in on the act and had his signature affixed to the first play and then all others thereafter.
Instead, Tassinari spends the first part of his book asserting his thesis that Florio, in collaboration with his father, the Italian writer and tutor Michel Angelo Florio, composed the plays and poems, invented the name William Shakespeare, said nothing as credit and money for the plays were taken by the unscrupulous actor, and received help in creating the fiction of "Shakespeare" from Ben Jonson and others.
Deriding Jonson as "a plagiarist even from nature" (5:33, VI:38), Hazlitt draws a curiously forced comparison between the two: "Shakspeare, even when he takes whole passages from books, does it with a spirit, felicity, and mastery over his subject, that instantly makes them his own; and shews more independence of mind and original thinking in what he plunders without scruple, than Ben Jonson often did in his most studied passages, forced from the sweat and labour of his brain" (5:33, VI:38-39).
Charles Cathcart's study of the intense rivalry between John Marston and Ben Jonson that became known as the Poet's War expands the scope of the two satirists' feud by identifying other texts that may have played a role in their mutual provocation.
The painting, which has rarely been on public display, now completes the Gallery's collection of portraits of 16th and 17th century writers, which features images of Shakespeare, Ben Jonson and John Donne.
As Ben Jonson in the Romantic Age shows, the standard accounts need revision.
The conventional wisdom is that Ben Jonson had little cultural or poetic visibility during the Romantic period.
Ben Jonson famously said that Shakespeare was not for an age, but for the ages, an elegant way of saying that the wisdom of Shakespeare is timeless.
Each page offers extensive footnotes, citing sources ranging from Ben Jonson to Alice Cooper, Voltaire to a friend of the artist's from rural east Texas.
He is still remembered in New Bybwen, a former home of the poet Ben Jonson (157301637).
They claim it was satire of the highest order which called to mind the great Ben Jonson.
Alfonso number two was brought up at the Queen's expense and later on he collaborated with Ben Jonson in the creation of a number of masques for the entertainment of King Charles.
BARD SCIENCE: In his eulogy of Shakespeare, Ben Jonson wrote that the playwright ``was not of an age, but for all time.