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Ben Day, former president and CEO of Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Ogden, says, "You get away from the world.
SPSS enables us to optimize the ROI of our marketing campaigns while maximizing customer satisfaction," said Ben Day, head of Marketing Controls at Saga Holidays.
Ben Day, | | left, and Anil Stocker, from MarketInvoice, a specialist business finance provider which has set up an office in the North West and has already provided funding for a Liverpool-based company, Cal International
Nardin, Centro Presente's Executive Director Patti Montes, Jeff Stone of Community Dialogues, and Ben Day, Executive Director of MassCARE.
Ben Day made the game secure for the home side with a try six minutes from the end.
SQUAD: Nathan Trotter, lain Moody (Berwick), Andrew Binner, Calum Chesterman, Tom Drummond, Gavin Hadley (Newcastle University), Will Peberdy (Alnwick), Daniel Kerr, Graeme Dunn, Jonathan Eames, Niall Parkinson, Roger Nixon (Tynedale), Owen Jarvis, Michael Harrigan (Ashington), Ben Day (Merchistan), Todd Harrison (Gosforth), Chris Reekie (Percy Park), Ralph Appleby Dan Potts, Sean Dixon, Fred Burdon, (Northern), Tony Dunn (Blaydon), Phil Cullerton, Josh Donnelly, Jonathan Birkett (Rockdiff), George Lyall (Morpeth).
Australian national champion Nathan O'Neill and Ben Day took gold and silver for the hosts with New Zealand's Gordon McCauley third.
com), 7 Maksym Rudenko (Ukr, Chocolade Jacques), 8 Yanto Baker (Gbr, Wales), 9 Paride Grillo (Ita, Panaria), 10 Ben Day (Aus, Mr Bookmaker.
His signature touches were his bold black outlines and the use of the photoengraver's Ben Day dots.
Ben Day is the new market research analyst for EverTrust Financial Group.
Wilmslow hit back when the only lapse in the game by the Wirral defence allowed Ben Day to score from a good move in the backs.
CELEBRATION: Bill Avery celebrates his 100th birthday with his wife Joyce at the BEN day care centre in Humber Road.
Wilmslow fought back with a converted try from Ben Day before Smith sent over another penalty.
NORTHUMBERLAND (from): Andrew Binner (Newcastle Un), Will Peberdy (Alnwick), Gavin Hadley (Newcastle Un), Daniel Kerr (Tynedale); Ben Day (Merchiston), Todd Harrison (Gosforth); Chris Reekie (Percy Park), Calum Chesterman (Newcastle Un), Ralph Appleby (Northern), Graeme Dunn (Tynedale), Jonathan Eames (Tynedale), Niall Parkinson (Tynedale), Roger Nixon (Tynedale), Iain Moody (Berwick).
Staff at the Ben Day Centre, in Humber Road, which Esther attends twice a week, presented the birthday girl with a cake and hat to mark the incredible birthday.