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the buckle used to fasten a belt

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Dealers will either inspect and repair, or replace the seat belt buckles as necessary at no cost to the customer.
Yet, the Carthage, Missouri, store's clothing department has flare, selling Western fashions such as multicolored leather boots and customizable belt buckles, in addition to rugged work wear, says Roy Mason, the store's vice president and manager.
The trader at the Oasis stall was marketing the one bought by the Sunday Mercury as a belt buckle.
GM reported that damage to seat belt buckles may be occurring when drivers return the rear seats to an upright position from a folded down position.
Admit it, once you get a song in your head like "Smoke On the Water," you can't help but start fingering those imaginary strings and strumming your belt buckle.
The belt buckles are something of a family heirloom, passed down through the Collingwood family from generation to generation and are also expected to achieve around pounds 3,000 at auction.
There, five or six teenage girls cut off the victim's hair, kicked and punched her - and used belt buckles to whip her.
For $15, I got a selection of belt buckles, mahjongg tiles, and metal stars.
Cavender's Boot City, Here you can buy everything from boots to belt buckles and get stone insight into Houston's unique fascination with cowboy culture.
MERCEDES-BENZ is recalling about 33,000 of its luxury cars worldwide to check for possible malfunctions in seat belt buckles.
Coins attached on belt buckles are considered "belt buckles.
The Hunt-Buckle[R] Brand Trophy Harness features seat belt buckles, tongues, and adjusters instead of buckles that have to be threaded or don't adjust The Harness' leg, waist, and torso straps are adjustable, and the built-in D-rings and climbing strap provide additional security during climbing.
The firm makes equestrian products and belt buckles for the fashion industry.
The coil design offers superior discrimination of non-threat items such as keys, coins, watches, and belt buckles, with a false alarm rate of less than 10 percent.
All old-style Corsas and Tigras built between 1993 and mid 2000 are affected after seat rails and belt buckles on some cars showed signs of metal fatigue.