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(Old Testament) Babylonian general and son of Nebuchadnezzar II

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Because it was written in Hebrew letters, it was indecipherable to Belshazzar and his people who could read only Babylonian cuneiform writing.
Thus, while the abovementioned Belshazzar oratorio read as subtly justifying imperialist expansion (it is about "liberating" the local populace from the yoke of irrational Eastern despotism), in its day it may well have been understood as a critique of the British government (pp.
Esther was his first, and during the following thirty-two years, he composed nine oratorios based on specific Biblical figures--Deborah, Athalia, Saul, Samson, Joseph and his brothers, Belshazzar, Joshua, Solomon, and Jephtah--and he also wrote one about Judas Maccabeus.
That may be the most grandiose set of ambitions for the region since the vision of Nebuchadnezzar's son Belshazzar, who saw the hand writing on the wall.
Historians believe that the people of Babylon, fed up with King Nabonidus and his much-despised governor, Belshazzar, opened the city gates to the invaders.
Particularly memorable was the feast hall of Belshazzar, where a grand staircase was flanked by pedestals topped with statues of rearing elephants.
Aside from his 1923 book, Aspects of Reunion, some of Rowley's earliest publications were short essays, published in 1924 in The Expositor, on the subject of "The Belshazzar of Daniel and of History.
In the Book of Daniel, King Belshazzar held an impressive dinner party for a thousand of his lords.
The contents of the documents here are very diverse: letters of the crown prince Belshazzar to the royal commissioner in the Eanna temple concerning cultic matters, lease and sales of arable land, orchards and houses located in various districts of the country, contracts to mold and deliver bricks, promissory notes, records of court proceedings, etc.
The one option I will confess to involved a brief attempt to train my dog, Belshazzar, to change the mind of an obstinate cow on the ramp.
If one is willing to stick with this premiss, difficulties are surmountable: the Parable of the Wedding Feast may be a lectio for Pentecost, but the final readings for Pentecost already anticipate Christ's coming; the histories of Zedekiah and Belshazzar may not be prescribed Advent reading, but verses from Isaiah xiii-xiv, which allude to them, certainly are.
The three words written, "Mene," Tekel," and "Peres," foretold the end of King Belshazzar and his kingdom (Dan.
Then commanded Belshazzar, and they clothed Daniel with purple, and put a chain of gold about his neck, and made proclamation concerning him, that he should rule as one of three in the kingdom.
Matsuda has Japan Dirt Cup winner Belshazzar in the Dubai World Cup at Meydan this Saturday, while Ishizaka has back-to-back Japan Cup winner Gentildonna aiming to go one better in the Dubai Sheema Classic after finishing second here last year.
Sargent also recorded Gerontius in 1954 and Belshazzar in 1958.