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Synonyms for wholesale

Synonyms for wholesale

the selling of goods to merchants

sell in large quantities

ignoring distinctions


Related Words

at a wholesale price


on a large scale without careful discrimination

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Women from walks of life now have a wonderful opportunity to own some of the most beautiful and well made handbags in the world today, at or below wholesale prices," said K.
It is expected that the cost of energy generated by the project will be competitive with or below wholesale power prices in the region.
Although the discounts put the prices of the JewelClub's jewelry below wholesale costs, every piece has the exact same level of craftsmanship and quality as the jewelry sold by traditional retailers.
The music companies maintain that they threatened to stop supplying discount chains with thousands of advertising dollars in the mid-1990s because the chains were selling CDs at below wholesale cost, driving some record stores out of business.
To underscore its commitment to multilevel marketing, AMS does not allow product to be sold below wholesale and has developed a compensation plan that follows its multilevel compensation plan.
com--with enhancements that improve the user experience for bargain shoppers seeking to purchase high-quality surplus inventory and retail returns at below wholesale prices.
com began its business in 1996, and continues to specialize in offering discount men and women's clothing, fashion accessories, cosmetics, fragrances, costume jewelry, and fashion jewelry at below wholesale prices.
com allow any charity making a positive difference for homeless animals, kids, and families to buy Benji products at prices substantially below wholesale to earn money to assist in their efforts
Partner agencies receive free donations from EFN, and accent what isn't donated by purchasing basic staples at or below wholesale cost through EFN's bulk purchasing program.
com, an online discount men and women's clothing, fashion accessories, cosmetics, fragrances, wholesale jewelry and wholesale fashion jewelry dealer, has recently announced a company-wide expansion which adds a wider array of high quality generic perfumes, colognes and fragrance gift sets to its already large selection of discounted name brand, discontinued, and hard-to-find perfumes and colognes, all at below wholesale prices.
has access to thousands of major brand products at or below wholesale prices from leading manufacturers.