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a Middle Eastern dance in which the dancer makes sensuous movements of the hips and abdomen

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Cairo: An Egyptian appeals court on Monday overturned a jail sentence against the country's most prominent belly dancer, Safinaz, in a high-profile case related to insulting the national flag in a performance more than a year ago.
Egyptian belly dancer Dina denied reports that Safinar has stolen her limelight, stating that she has her own style of dancing and that she supports Safinar.
He says the basic training for belly dancers focuses on how to move correctly and develop excellent muscle control.
Story-teller Ruthie Boycott-Garnet will also perform at the hall at 11am while Marsden Belly Dancers will be on stage from 1.
The belly dancers will then be encouraging people to get on the dance floor.
What I really wanted was a place where belly dancers come together," Dilara said.
Teesside Taekwondo and Teesside Extreme, Middlesbrough Gym Club, Robson Irish Dance Group and the Mirage Belly Dancers are some of the groups who will be helping Teessiders to have fun and get healthy.
Islamist MP Farid Ismail accused Egyptian belly dancers of pressuring the government to establish the institution and is seeking to question the education minister on the matter.
Babelesque is a brand new show featuring some of America's best-known belly dancers, who have performed more than 500 shows in 20 countries over four years.
A THIEF chased from a sports complex by a group of bare-footed belly dancers was sentenced to 113 hours of community service yesterday.
But increasingly belly dancers are practicing an earthier genre called American tribal style, or ATS, developed in San Francisco in the 1970s.
Belly dancers are performing at an event in Northumberland Square, North Shields, to show just what good exercise belly dancing can be.
Business development director Peter Vella (second left) and managing director of Anatolian, Akin Kog, with belly dancers Silvia Man (left) and Katie Viner
Ventura Mardi Gras Celebration & Bike Ride: features a 100-mile bike ride through Ventura County, live zydeco music, beads and belly dancers, prizes, Cajun and Creole food, costumes.
Kirkley Hall's Moroccan chef Fouad Fakir will be cooking a traditional three-course meal and entertainment will include belly dancers.