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a tower that supports or shelters a bell

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The five-storey Church of Transfiguration dating from 1714, its lower neighbour the Intercession Church (1764) and the belltower chapel erected in 1874, were built on much older sancitified ground.
And like all the best village houses, Weethley Manor adjoins the church, here dedicated to St James, its slender belltower rising just beyond the neatest, evergreen hedging.
There is also a children's farmyard where kids can wander among the pigmy goats and a fantastic bats' belltower where you can watch the bats in their natural habitat, courtesy of a glass wall and ultra-violet lighting.
The Paralegal Association of Florida will hold its 2004 Annual Spring Seminar May 1 at the Holiday Inn Belltower in Ft.
They are a national landmark, with 128 acres of exotic gardens and a belltower housing one of the world's great carillons - a sort of organ with bells rather than pipes.
Clinging to the mountainside, Apricale is dominated by its belltower and castle.
LOS ANGELES, June 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Belltower Entertainment Corp (BTOW.
4 percent) will be atop the home furnishing belltower.
To get in you go through a belltower, painted a gleaming white and reminiscent of the southern Med.
Up in the belltower, we all knew that this was the night in 365,000 to be a bellringer.
Campanilismo, the sense of loyalty and attachment to place experienced by all those within earshot of the church belltower or campanile, was an important factor in the contracting of proxy marriages.
They say he wants to put them into a book, many books even, so many that if you stacked them one on top of the other they would reach higher than the belltower.
In fact, with its bell and belltower still intact, it could literally ring a bell for the entire neighbourhood at Longbank, Bewdley.
If you've got the energy you can climb the belltower.
The composition is anchored and completed by a corner belltower.