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a tower that supports or shelters a bell

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The Piazza delle Erbe is also home to the 12th century belltower, the Torre dei Lamberti, which offers views across the city from the top, and is accessible by lift or staircase.
Built at the end of the 19th Century, this redbrick former flour mill and granary (the owner was one Giovanni Stucky) has 379 rooms plus a chic rooftop pool and bar area that is THE place to be seen, with views stretching across the water to the city's iconic Campanile belltower in Piazza San Marco.
In one characteristic story, a priest from the Chuvash Republic was fined 250 rubles for agitating against the radio and opposing the attaching of an antenna to his belltower.
At Salisbury, for instance, it was a wretched late- 18th century bishop who employed James Wyatt--'The Destroyer' (1746-1813)--to demolish the detached medieval belltower, sweep away two chapels and porches and to tidy up the interior, while at Reims the great rood screen and the medieval labyrinth on the floor were removed at about the same time for equally frivolous reasons.
So you won't go far without hearing Italian being spoken or seeing Italian street names in the beautiful old town, which is dominated by Saint-Michel's Basilica and its magnificent belltower.
Film entertainment company Belltower Entertainment (OTCBB:BTOW) declared on Friday that Academy Award winning actor Forest Whitaker is formally attached to star in the new film Little Treasure, to be filmed on location in Shanghai, China.
A covered walkway runs along the face of it and a wooden belltower rises from the interior grounds.
Travis had prudently posted a sentinel in the belltower of San Fernando church that morning after daybreak, and at about 10 AM he had seen Sesma's cavalry moving through the brush along Alazan Creek and quickly gave the alarm.
The spiritual counterpart of Madame Chantelouve, embodiment of animality and sacrilege, is the angelic Madame Carhaix, who lives in the belltower of Saint Sulpice.
6 For which Labour minister did the belltower toll?
Number 10 insisted it still had "full confidence" in defence minister Mr Davies, after his belltower claim emerged.
Also to be seen on the square is the red brick Roman Catholic Church of Saint Simeon and Helena with its belltower, and the State University building.
BellTower Technologies LLC announced the launch of FoodAlert.
Its 1566 belltower was the work of the Cortonese architect, Francesco Laparelli, who later built the Maltese city of Valletta.
In fact, with its bell and belltower still intact, it could literally ring a bell for the entire neighbourhood at Longbank, Bewdley.