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ringing tuned bells in a fixed order that is continually changing

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Our bellringing program is the only one of its kind in the Chicago metropolitan area, and surrounding northern Illinois and northern Indiana division," Lewis said.
According to an obituary printed in bellringing journal Ringing World, J Arthur Hoare was Swansea's oldest bellringer and continued his hobby up until his death in 1988.
IT'S ALL LOOKING UP: Team | |members listening to the bellringing including Peter Humphreys, centre, a service ringer from Liverpool Parish Church
Two female tennis pros from other teamsSingapore Slammers' Daniela Hantuchova and Indian Aces' Sania Mirza also graced the bellringing ceremony.
THE secret third member of the Britain's Got Talent bellringing band fears she will be the new Pete Best after they wowed the crowd without her.
Subjected to looks of amusement and pity, I began my weapons training: chucking my spear, ramming my shield against attackers and taking several bellringing bashes to my helmet, once nearly knocking myself out with my spear.
A CHURCH caretaker in Australia who has uncovered 120 years of bellringing history in Coventry is asking for help to piece together the past.
The official kickoff for this year's Salvation Army Christmas Bellringing Campaign is Friday at noon outside the grocery entrance of Fred Meyer on West 11th.
It's a far cry from the bellringing, musician and rambler subjects that I tackled in my early teens - there wasn't much entertainment in Formby, discounting necking mixed spirits in the park or throwing sticks at red squirrels.
It's bad enough just with a devolution when, as crime rates rise, we have civil servants in the t justice department dancing a fandango with silk scarves while their mates practise bellringing, all in the name of building up team spirit.
There are also added insights into the worlds of bellringing and wildlife documentaries.
Nonetheless, without its cows and their insistent bellringing, the Swiss agricultural landscape could hardly look or sound the same.
It was good to see an article about bellringing (January 1999) but rather galling, to say the least, that it did not mention that their is An Atlas of Bells.
Twin bob plan compositions of Stedman triples: partitions of graphs into Hamiltonian subgraphs as used in bellringing.
Cathedral minister the Rev Colin McIntosh said: "After all that happened, including the storm over the Christmas tree, the bellringing will bring a different sound to the town.