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a small reddish planet that is the 4th from the sun and is periodically visible to the naked eye


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(Roman mythology) Roman god of war and agriculture

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1) When George, in the Bellona Club, gets excited over and loud about his post-war situation, "A shocked veteran, till then invisible in a neighbouring armchair, poked out a lean head like a tortoise and said 'sh' viperishly" (Ch.
Customers' perceived brand equity and a research on the customers of Bellona which is a Turkish furniture brand", the Journal of American Academy of Business, 16-1.
Bellona's Nikitin Marks 10 Years of Freedom After Defeating the FSB, Bellona (Sept.
27 Habitat Specialist Meadow Fritillary Boloria bellona 1518 912 0.
Jotun has been working with Norway's Bellona Foundation, an environmental NGO, on the creation by the Geneva-based International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) for gauging variations in the energy efficiencies of ship's hulls and propellers.
We found nine new records for Guerrero: Mangora tarapuy, Pardosa bellona, Pardosa ramulosa, Pardosa sierra, Rabidosa rabida, Trochosa abdita, Corythalia spiralis, Exalbidion pallisterorum, and Uloborus trilineatus; and 10 for Morelos: Mangora fascialata, Mazax pax, Pardosa sierra, Nephila clavipes, Physocyclus brevicornus, Thiodina sylvana, Leucauge venusta, Tetragnatha nitens, Mecaphesa decora, and Misumena vatia.
Bates, 1867 115 Alesa prema (Godart, [1824]) Tribe Rodinini Grote, 1895 116 Lyropteryx apollonia Westwood, 1851 117 Lyropteryx terpsichore Westwood, 1851 * 118 Necyria bellona juturna Hewitson, 1869 119 Necyria duellona Westwood, 1851 120 Cyrenia martia Westwood, 1851 121 Ancyluris aulestes (Cramer, 1777) 122 Ancyluris inca Felder &Felder, 1865) 123 Ancyluris etias (Saunders, 1859) 124 Ancyluris formosissima (Hewitson, 1870) 125 Ancyluris meliboeus (Fabricius, 1776) 126 Ancyluris mira (Hewitson, 1874) 127 Ancyluris tedea (Cramer, 1777) 128 Rhetus arcius (Linnaeus, 1763) 129 Rhetus dysoni (Saunders, 1850) 130 Rhetus periander (Cramer, 1777) 131 Chorinea bogota (Saunders, 1859) 132 Ithomeis aurantiaca H.
In Europe there is no incentive" said Jonas Helseth, director of environmental group Bellona Europe who chairs a group of scientists and industry experts looking at burying emissions from renewable energy.
Siv Jensen wants to expand green investments a little, which we applaud," said Janne Stene, head of climate change policy at Norwegian green group Bellona.
Boydak's two other furniture firms, Bellona and Mondi, have 270 stores overseas.
In a seventy-line passage, much of which Bellona speaks, Heywood employs the word fort eight times, including six instances alongside the word imperial or royal (C2-3), emphasizing and even overstating the royal quality of this allusive Fort/ Tower.
53) site on Bellona Island (Poulsen 1972), and on nearby Rennell Island several pig teeth were found at the base of the LC-2 rock shelter (Chikamori & Takasugi (1985: 107): both sites are tentatively dated to AD 0, but it is not known when the islands were first colonised.
The property, on Bellona Close, Hebburn, is for sale through Andrew Craig at PS179,950, tel: 0191 428 1428.
In recent months, the Russian public prosecutor has ordered the most active green organisations - Bellona, Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund, and outside the capital, the Baikal Environmental Wave and the Environment Observatory in Sakhaline - to register as "foreign agents" at the ministry of justice.