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someone employed as an errand boy and luggage carrier around hotels

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Bellmann, Lutz, Gerner Hans-Dieter, and Marie-Christine Laible (2016) "The German Labour-Market Puzzle in the Great Recession," in Philippe Askenazy, Lutz Bellmann, Alex Bryson and Eva Moreno Galbis (eds.
Then there is the importance of effective sourcing of further education programs for the unemployed at job centers -- a vital area that requires significant attention according to Zenzen and Professor Bellmann.
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This result support the empirical figures in Germany where works councils are common in large firms, where the cost of implementation should be lower than in small and medium-size firms (Hubler and Jirjahn, 2003 and Addison, Bellmann, Schnalbe and Wagner, 2004).
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114), Bellmann states that Mickiewicz identified with the Poles when Lithuania came under Russian rule (nota bene, Mickiewicz was not yet born at that time), and that this identification increased after the fall of the November Rising in 1831.
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5) Some work that has served as reference includes: Boeri and Cramer (1992), Boeri and Bellmann (1995) for firms operating in Germany; Du Reitz (1984) for Sweden; Mata (1993), Mata and Portugal (2000) for Portugal; Geroski (1991) for the US; and Baldwin and Geroski (1989, 1999) for Canada.
Another reason for the low employment rate of older employees might be attributable to organizational attitudes: older employees are often regarded as low performers (Filipp and Mayer 2005: 3; Bangali 2004: 3; Bellmann and Leber 2005: 169).
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The results of the study are comparable to those of Bellmann (2003), who found that the effects continued four months after children took part in the program.
However, they differ significantly from the findings of Bellmann et al.
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