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someone employed as an errand boy and luggage carrier around hotels

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These seemingly unconnected events set Sally Lockhart, played by Billie Piper, on the trail of an evil far more awful than she could ever imagine - the Hopkinson Self-Regulator, a super-weapon in the hands of a Scandinavian madman Axel Bellmann (Jared Harris).
Pullman's heroine must find out why an old lady lost all her money when an investment crashed, what it has to do with a clairvoyant's vision of a brutal murder in a forest and if Scandinavian madman Axel Bellmann is involved.
They and their friend Jim become involved in several cases--a fraudulent businessman, a magician threatened by mysterious thugs, and a psychic medium who seems to be tapping into shady business secrets--all of which turn out to be intertwined and centered on the villain of the piece, entrepreneur Axel Bellmann.
83) Using data from another firm survey, however, Lutz Bellmann and Martin Brussig reject this argument.
Economists such as Akerlof and others, Klaus-Dietrich Bedau, Bellmann, and David Begg and Richard Portes have called for wage subsidies.
CORPORATE ACTIVITY IN RECENT PAST - A PERSPECTIVE BUILDER II-63 Mastervolt Takes Over Bellmann II-63 NRG Energy and AeroVironment Enter into Partnership to Introduce EV Charging Ecosystem II-63 Flextronics to Establish Power Manufacturing and Service Unit in Jiangxi II-63 EnerSys Takes Over Douglas's Industrial Battery Operations II-64 OM Group Snaps Up EaglePicher Technologies II-64 Sears Brand Management Inks Licensing Deal with Schumacher Electric II-65 Technology Research Agrees to Acquire Patco Electronics II-65 Protonex Technology Bags U.
Using 1990-1991 flow data from East Germany (provided by Bellmann et al.
Bellmann, L, Estrin, S, Lehmann, H and Wadsworth, J.
Heinrich U, Fuhst R, Rittinghauseen S, Creutzenberg O, Bellmann B, Koch W, et al.
for instance, Cuneo 1990, Schubert 1993, Roloff/Assemacher 1991, Bellmann 1992), assignment of less attractive or less challenging tasks (opportunity) (cf.
Heinrich U, Fuhst R, Rittinghausen S, Creutzenberg O, Bellmann B, Koch W, Levsen K.