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someone employed as an errand boy and luggage carrier around hotels

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Use Bellhops to move in together on February 14 and it will cost $0.
Four bellhops showed up at his door, spent 10 hours moving his stuff into a storage unit, bought him dinner, and then handed him a key card to a hotel so he would have a place to stay.
Binary Capital, a San Francisco-based venture capital company whose founders are prominent for their early investments in Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter, led Bellhops funding round.
The non-licensed individuals hired by Marini included short order cooks, window treatment specialists, hotel bellhops, hairdressers, eBay vendors and musicians, all of whom worked as "interns" for Avanti.
Throughout the United States the general rule is to tip the bellhop $ 1 per bag and an additional $3 to $5 if he shows you to the room (tip more if you make him lug your collection of Swedish crystal).
Atlantic City does have a version of public life, but it tales place in the seafront piers (now converted into kitschy, claustrophobic shopping malls), and underneath the vast hotel porte-cocheres, which accommodate 24 hour comings and goings choreographed by squads of parking valets, bellhops, taxi drivers doormen, and tour guides.
So you think that your matching set of Louis Vuitton travel accessories will have hotel flunkies and bellhops giving their forelocks an extra tug or two?
And Bolander was caught running from bellhops with his pants around his ankles.
37 per bag) for bellhops, by 10 cents per person (to 67.
And perhaps most memorable--certainly most entertaining--is Jesse, a some time actor and trust-fund baby wandering around North Africa and South America screwing local busboys, bellhops, and street trade.
CHICAGO -- DOWNTOWN HOTELS TO GET WAKE-UP CALL -- Local 1's maids, bellhops and other workers earn 15% to 50% less than union workers in other major cities, reports Crain's Chicago Business.
We're going to hit the road for a month and not deal with anyone but bellhops and room service.
Our investment is apparently limited to ad campaigns and hospitality coaching for cops, cab drivers and bellhops.
There are lots of secret letters, with overworked bellhops and messenger boys buzzing them back and forth.
Bosnian refugees are scattered the world over - some go to school in Sweden, some work as bellhops in Seattle, some meet at social clubs in Hamtramck, Mich.