glans penis

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the conical mass of erectile tissue that forms the head of the penis

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Yeah, one dude stretches his foreskin over the other dude's bellend," came the confirmation.
Johannesburg, July 15 (ANI): The South African Government has awarded FIFA boss Sepp Blatter one of its top awards - The Order of Bellend, or so it seems.
Tenders are invited for Provide electrical and data PVC conduit elbows and fittings, includes elbows schedule 40 gray PVC conduit with one deep socket bellend, elbows schedule 40 green PVC conduit with one deep socket bellend, coupling double bell, schedule 40 gray PVC conduit, coupling double bell, schedule 40 green PVC conduit.
In just one day lurking on the streets outside a Newport council house - trying to tail some bellend who's on the sick for no reason - I get asked by three different passers-by if I'm a copper, a paedo and if I'm 'Dave who sells cheap phones'.
Those likely to have been made fun off at school included Ophelia Balls, Pearl E Gates, Olive Branch, Mary Zarse, Ed Banger, Isaac Balls, Etta Lott, Dick Bellend, Eric Schon and Randy Bumgardner.
But if she and ballroom bellend Vincent Simone don't make a vast improvement, I'll have to agree with a disgruntled Matthew Wright after the allnight memory task.