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a republic in western Europe

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French writer of sophisticated novels and short stories (1844-1924)

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Granted, you can shoot from the City of Light to the Cote d'Azur via TGV in under six hours, but driving via the back roads opens up entirely new and surprising aspects of la belle France.
Wine: La Belle France produced this Sauvignon Blanc, Cotes de Duras 2006 with bags of pink grapefruit packed into the fragrant body with a dusky, light finish.
It's the school trip, you know - four days in a chateau in La Belle France," said my wife, who was entertaining in our lounge.
It seems that a few rascals had been 'exploiting' the system by buying good, young horses from la belle France and allowing them to run against slow, old British boats while in receipt of wholly unnecessary assistance from the rules of racing.
Certainly, Sir David has close ties with La Belle France - he owns a vineyard there.
Specialist operator Belle France launches 2006 programme with extended range of cycling and walking holidays covering some of the most beautiful and interesting parts of France.
Our current passion for kitchens with freestanding units and rustic scrubbed wood tables, living rooms graced with white painted decorative furniture and gilded mirrors and delicate chandeliers, is all due to the influence of la belle France.
So different, for example, that a passage from the tone-poem Romeo and Juliet is introduced at one point, and the Dance of Mirletons, representing la belle France, is performed by a small comic troupe of Napoleons.
As loyal readers of this magazine well know, french fries actually originated in Belgium and were so-named by American and British troops who thought they were in the trenches defending la belle France during World War I when in fact they were dodging bullets in Belgium.
LA belle France is the destination for the latest couple to chuck their everyday lives in Britain and begin a new life abroad.
RYE: Belle France (01797 223777) has three nights for pounds 195, including breakfast, traditional lunch and evening buffet on Christmas Day.
Every ingredient is premium, often flown over from La Belle France within the past 24 hours.
Here we learn that L^ BELLE FRANCE is the name of a hotel, that the "cafd presse" is in fact a beer mug, and that the shape above it is a street lamp.
In the meantime, what better way to fantasize about future travels to La Belle France than over delicious food and French wine that won't break the bank?