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Italian cardinal and theologian (1542-1621)

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Bellarmino articulates the connection between free will, sin, the unwillingness to acknowledge the sin, and death.
The Pope, who was under duress at the time owing to the Thirty Years War and suspicious that Galileo did not reveal to him details of an agreement that he had made with Bellarmino over Copernicanism in 1616, was furious at Galileo for making him look like a simpleton.
Although the earth is nothing but a grain of sand in comparison to the vastness of the heavens, both Bellarmino and Casoni underscore that, just as our soul is an image of the divinity's infinite greatness, so too does the earth reflect the vast beauty of the heavens.
Since the creatures, as Bellarmino and Casoni insist, are mirrors of a divine exemplar, so too the earth and the sky reflect God's heaven of heavens.
Both Bellarmino and Casoni reiterate that human beings are pilgrims on earth, for this world is the place of their exile from the divinity (Bellarmino, De ascensione 28).
However, as Bellarmino underscores in the seventh step of De ascensione mentis, "[t]here are two times--day and night--by which we ascend from heaven to God on the wings of contemplation" (Bellarmino, The Mind's Ascent 119; De ascensione 109).
13) Bellarmino, De ascensione 10: "Erige nunc, anima mea, mentem ad exemplar tuum, et cogita, omne bonum imaginis in similitudine ad exemplar suum positum esse" (The Mind's Ascent to God, in Spiritual Writings 60).
14) Bellarmino dwells on the infinite wealth of the earth in step two, chapter 3: "How much variety there is in the individual grain, plants, flowers, and fruits
Taylor (Religious Studies Fellow at Waikato University, Hamilton, New Zealand) sets out to demolish the influential thesis of Franciscan scholars Bellarmino Bagatti and Emmanuelle Testa that claims that there is archaeological evidence for the continuation of groups of Jewish-Christians in Palestine through the second and third centuries.
Roberto Bellarmino could easily go under either the saints or the scholars.
They began life as pottery caricatures of Cardinal Roberto Francesco Romolo Bellarmino, a cleric who participated in the Roman Catholic Church's actions against scientists and philosophers like Galileo and Giordano Bruno.
Published in 1993 as Jiprocesso di Giordano Bruno (Rome: Salerno Editrice) under the direction of Diego Quaglioni, this volume at last allows an almost complete overview of Bruno's dramatic debate with the Roman Catholic theologians (among them such distinguished figures as the Jesuit, Roberto Bellarmino, not to mention Pope Clement VIII) which took him from his arrest on 22 May 1592, in the house of the Venetian nobleman Zuane Mocenigo -- who had invited him to act as his teacher in the arts of memory -- to the official Avviso of 19 February 1600, announcing his death at the stake in Rome: