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Italian cardinal and theologian (1542-1621)

a stoneware drinking jug with a long neck

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With the CopySense appliance, I have the flexibility to either block all P2P traffic, log all P2P traffic, or block only that P2P traffic which is considered to be illegal by lawmaking bodies," said Chris Cary, IT administrator at Bellarmine.
WHAT: Bellarmine College Preparatory will package more than 350 student desks and book lockers, 10 teacher desks and 25 dry erase boards to benefit a school in need in Jamaica.
Yannow transmutes the ideological conflict between the two giants into a sometimes sloppy, often compelling story by inventing the ideal narrator-protagonist to mediate between the dueling geniuses of Bruno and Bellarmine.
College was expected of me at Bellarmine," Solorio explained in the tidy living room of his campus apartment.
His discussion of Galileo, Foscarini, Ingoli, and Campanella adds little to the much more thorough historical treatments of Maurice Finocchiaro in The Galileo Affair (1989) and Richard Blackwell in Galileo, Bellarmine, and the Bible (1991).
Bellarmine College Preparatory today announced it is preparing for its 48th Mothers' Guild Fashion Show For Financial Aid, an annual event to raise funds for financial aid for students who attend Bellarmine.
At Louisville's Bellarmine University where Merton's archives are kept in a number of attractive rooms in the library and where some 30 of the monk's photos are displayed, there are also statues of the Trappist in his habit--his sleeves rolled up and arms ready to do battle with words, farm implements or the Creator.
Prize Pays Off All Outstanding Student Loans For Bellarmine University Student
1) Physical Therapy, Bellarmine University, Louisville, KY, United States; (2) Nursing, Bellarmine University, Louisville, KY, United States; (3) Clinical Laboratory Science, Bellarmine University, Louisville, KY, United States.
The 22-year-old won a scholarship to America and it seems his father put together the video of him playing for Bellarmine University Knights.
Winning the NCAA Division 2 men's basketball national championship last Saturday at the MassMutual Center in Springfield was exciting enough for Bellarmine University assistant Drew Cooper.
A grotesque and "ultra-rare" 17th century Bellarmine jar designed to ward off witches has been found by archaeologists exploring the site of the former Turk's Head Inn beneath Tipping Street car park in Stafford.