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Mr Davies said he had not done "anything remotely wrong" in submitting a pounds 20,000 invoice for work to his roof, including repairs to the bell-tower, and insisted his work had not been affected "in the slightest degree".
When I returned to the States, not only was I eager to read The Hunchback of Notre Dame and For Whom the Bell Tolls and watch the Hitchcock film Vertigo, with its dramatic mission bell-tower scene, but I was even more determined to listen for church bells in my Brooklyn neighborhood.
After all, the big house on Olive Street with the bell-tower view of the Los Padres National Forest once was a church.
WRITER Dame Muriel Spark escaped serious injury after a bolt of lightning sent a bell-tower crashing into her home.
Excursions include Alhambra Palace, Great Mosque, Giralda Bell-Tower and Cathedral as well as a ride through Spain's scenic mountains with a stop in picturesque Ronda for shopping and relaxation.