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someone employed as an errand boy and luggage carrier around hotels

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He had been a bell-boy when the 1948 Grand National winner Sheila's Cottage was paraded at the Adelphi, and used to roll down the embankments at Aintree as a youngster with the race going on in the background.
The six-week ad burst will continue the bell-boy campaign launched last May and run alongside last year's adverts.
That will have cut a wound to his professional pride because the former Waldorf bell-boy and stable lad to Ron Smyth had developed his corner of Epsom to an exquisite home and centre for his business.
This cuts short her friendship with the hotel's Peter Pan-like bell-boy, Danny 306, so-called because he was found abandoned in that room.
Sawyer started his sea-going career on Lancastria, aged 14, as a bell-boy, in August, 1935.
The young John Sawyer as a Lancastria bell-boy in the 1930s; John Sawyer today
And the trouser suit was perfect if you want to look like a bell-boy.
As the Great Depression gripped America,Lees, the son of a Jewish clothier, became a movie extra, appearing as the bell-boy in Grand Hotel (1932).
On arrival the lucky animal is met by a uniformed bell-boy and shown to reception.
These include tour operators, travel and sales executives, executive staff, clerks, waiters, chefs, housekeepers, night staff and bell-boys.
Keith Logan, one of the Galleries turquoise and gold-clad bell-boys, whose duty it was to ensure that shoppers did not become hopelessly lost, admitted the crowds had been phenomenal.
Perhaps it was a new sport I haven't heard about, but I got the message and left sharpish, picking up my car from one of the best-looking bell-boys in London.