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a tower that supports or shelters a bell

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Francel Martinez said that promotion of cultural tourism such as dances, engineering, old workmanship, and raw materials are rarely found in Negros Oriental such as the old assembly hall and marine laboratory in Silliman University, the Cathedral Church and Bell Tower, among others.
They are the Duomo (cathedral), which was built almost 1,000 years ago; its bell tower, better known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa; the circular Battistero (Baptistery), the largest of its kind in the whole of Italy; and the Camposanto, also known as the Holy Field, one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world.
Approximately 35 Paris bell towers are shown here in color photos, many of them shot with a backdrop of the Paris nightlights.
Most bell towers have eight bells, so ringing a 10 or 12 bell tower is much more of a challenge.
The irregular roofscape of terraces and mesh tents is dominated by a modern version of a campanile, a glazed tower 37m high that enters into a dialogue with Innsbruck's existing bell towers.
The campanile of San Mois and the Ponte degli Scalzi, two of the Daniele Resini photographs from the sumptuously illustrated Venice From The Bell Towers (Merrell, pounds 29.
It's the only one of the 21 California missions to have twin bell towers.
Contract notice: Mafra national palace - rehabilitation works of chimes and bell towers.
Phone companies anxious to expand service without angering communities defensive about their history and architecture are concealing their antennae everywhere from ballparks to bell towers.