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a bell that is held in the hand

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Led by Conductor, Kathleen Ebling-Shaw, the Westminster Concert Bell Choir from Princeton, New Jersey, will be on their winter concert tour in South Florida.
The grand jury report stated as fact that Doe was a member of the bell choir maintenance crew in fifth grade.
The bell choir consists of a core group of 8 to 10 residents, but Jones, who is always on the lookout for additional participants, has had as many as 22 residents come to the practices.
On December 7, this 1868 Italian-style villa fills with Christmas music as the Allegro Bell Choir performs five successive 45-minute concerts, beginning at 1.
Barbara was active in her church, did volunteer work for the American Red Cross, and was a member of the Congregational Church Bell Choir.
th], the Korean a cappella group Snow City and the children's hand bell performance team Pan Asia Hand Bell Choir will create a delightfully harmonious atmosphere to warm up what will surely be a cold wintry day.
Another program, the Bells of Faith Hand Bell Choir, teaches Seedsters music and encourages them to express their musical abilities.
The show - also featuring the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, Westminster Concert Choir, Westminster Bell Choir and the Bolshoi Ballet - is described as ``one of the largest holiday extravaganzas ever produced''.
Francis Cabrini is about to inaugurate a three-octave, seven-bell hand bell choir.
Also featured will be The Sophisticates classical pops orchestra, a hand bell choir, Fireside Carolers and the Judy James Dance Studio with a classic holiday performance.
As an active member of the Federated Church of Orleans, Janet enjoyed playing in the hand bell choir.
Wednesday, with harp, bell choir and vocal choir music.
Its 18-member Bells of Faith hand bell choir ministers to area churches and to groups across the South.
She is a member of the bell choir, attends the confirmation class and takes part in a church community service cleanup activity once a month.
performance by the Riverside Ringers bell choir followed by Anita Ward singing her disco single "Ring My Bell" and leading the revelers to attempt to break the world record for the largest synchronized bell ringing; the 11:25 p.