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trousers with legs that flare

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The classes discussed ideas that reminded them of both eras, including everything from bell bottoms, flower power, and peace symbols to the Y2K "bug," aliens, and flying cars.
bright greens, gaudy checks, tight bell bottoms and flared pants, etc.
I was wearing hip-hugger bell bottoms, the kind that snap below the navel, with an R.
In comparing fashion styles in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, the study found military clothes, tiny-sized clothes, Victorian clothes, bell bottoms, flannel shirts and granny boots are most popoular in The Big Apple; hip-hop and sports logos are most common in Los Angeles; inside-out clothes, chokers and temporary tattoos are most visible in Chicago.
Lacey fixed Herb with a glare that could have melted his polyester bell bottoms.
Certainly, by the mid-seventies, the midwestern construction worker who was beating up hippies in '68 had grown his hair out, donned bell bottoms, and started smoking Kalamazoo Gold on his lunch break.
The film's star, Julianna Margulies, wore a black camisole, slim black Anne Klein leather bell bottoms and high Jimmy Choo boots, her curly hair cascading around her bare shoulders.
So get your best bell bottoms dry cleaned and prepare to jig like 15 men on a dead man's chest.
At the close of the decade, Holly Hobbie fell into obscurity along with bell bottoms and platform shoes, hardly to be heard from again.
A rhetorical theme of this shift was the view that the wild, outsider style was a dated artifact of a less sophisticated - or at least different - era, like bell bottoms or Afros.
Like bell bottoms and 70's rock, wagons are back in style -- and for all the right reasons.
SANTA CLARITA - Put on your platform shoes and slip on those old bell bottoms and head to Central Park for a concert of live disco music.
The '70s influence is making a comeback with the resurgence of bell bottoms.
The general assumption was that ``That '80s Show,'' when it occurred, would simply follow the cast of ``That '70s Show'' as the chronological odometer clicked over; we'd simply follow Wisconsin's finest out of the realm of bell bottoms and smiley faces and tumble headlong into the ``Greed'' Decade.