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trousers with legs that flare

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For the gents: collared shirts, bell bottoms, platform shoes, suit jackets and medallions.
Sporting bell bottoms in modern times isn't out of date, but simply retro-chic, depending on your overall sense of style.
The singer was spotted on a Hollywood photoshoot wearing the dress equivalent of bell bottoms.
Not talking about those canary-yellow corduroy bell bottoms.
Say you really want this amazing pair of applique whisker wash bell bottoms, but Mom says they're way out of her price range.
To fill the apparent gap in the market, Littlewoods has launched a new catalogue called The Collection - to give the women who wore mini skirts and bell bottoms something to swing in as they approach their next half century.
The classes discussed ideas that reminded them of both eras, including everything from bell bottoms, flower power, and peace symbols to the Y2K "bug," aliens, and flying cars.
bright greens, gaudy checks, tight bell bottoms and flared pants, etc.
I was wearing hip-hugger bell bottoms, the kind that snap below the navel, with an R.
Lacey fixed Herb with a glare that could have melted his polyester bell bottoms.
Certainly, by the mid-seventies, the midwestern construction worker who was beating up hippies in '68 had grown his hair out, donned bell bottoms, and started smoking Kalamazoo Gold on his lunch break.
He recently appeared at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am charity tournament wearing a pair of floral bright coloured bell bottoms which shone brightly against the winter sun.
The film's star, Julianna Margulies, wore a black camisole, slim black Anne Klein leather bell bottoms and high Jimmy Choo boots, her curly hair cascading around her bare shoulders.
A rhetorical theme of this shift was the view that the wild, outsider style was a dated artifact of a less sophisticated - or at least different - era, like bell bottoms or Afros.