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trousers with legs that flare

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The overall product mix now includes casual and sexy bodysuits, an expanded plus size leggings selection, harem leggings, bell bottom leggings and even high waisted shorts for the Spring and Summer.
Three songs which fell under suspicion were all from one of his earlier films, Bell Bottom George and were Swim Like a Fish, If I Had A Girl Like You and the title track, Bell Bottom George.
Although bell bottom jeans may not be for everyone, Menear predicts their influence will be felt in a trend toward wider-legged pants.
com believes Pokemon toys are a Fad One Time Product that will go the way of the Cabbage Patch Doll, Pet Rocks, Ninja Turtles and Bell Bottom Jeans.
com -- not to all the Web sites related to disco dancing: the evolution of bell bottom pants, popular discotheques and disco superstars.
com for mirrored disco balls will guide the user directly to mirrored disco balls for sale, rather than Web sites related to disco dancing, The Bee Gees, the evolution of bell bottom pants, Studio 54, etc.
com, rather than Web sites simply related to disco dancing, The Bee Gees, the evolution of bell bottom pants, Studio 54, etc.
A tie-dye T-shirt, bell bottom jeans and photographs from the graduating class were among the contents.
If you think he's a racist caricature, then answer this question: Which ethnic group has historically been portrayed as 7-foot tall trachodons with floppy bunny ears and bell bottom pants?
Even now, I still cringe at the thought of my mum sweeping the path outside our house dressed in a pair of green velvet bell bottoms, just as my pals filed past.
The only drawbacK was they didn't go very well with bell bottoms and a Naval uniform.
London, Oct 23 ( ANI ): Victoria Beckham showed off her tiny limbs in a pair of bell bottoms, as the mother of four stepped out with a group of friends to run a few errands in New York on Monday.
So think bell bottoms but with sharper tailoring and designer wedges teamed with bow-front blouses and ditzy jumpsuits.
Bell bottoms With skinny pants and jeans now so common that they no longer make a statement, it was inevitable that a different style would emerge as a trend.
Dozens of items are going under the hammer on Mel's official website - including a python hot pants number and pair of yellow velour bell bottoms with matching bra.