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an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

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By combining economic acumen and deep technical expertise, particularly in new networking domains, Bell Labs is uniquely positioned to support service provider and vertical customers as they define their future network evolutions and strategies.
The Silicon Valley center will be the third Bell Labs antenna office to open this year, following the opening of the Cambridge video facility in the UK in July, and the Bell Labs virtualization research facility in Israel which opened in May.
The fiber optics spans used in the Bell Labs experiment were 100 kilometers (62.
In the next step toward fully understanding the shrinking, the Bell Labs team is trying to mathematically describe the different ways the crystal can vibrate.
The split-up this year of AT&T into three companies also cut up Bell Labs.
The feature article, "Building a Better Battery," by award-winning science writer, John Hockenberry describes the mPhase - Bell Labs project led by Bell Labs scientist, Tom Krupenkin.
The Bell Labs Prize winners will take home cash awards worth as much as $100,000, and the chance to further develop their ideas at Bell Labs.
In addition to unveiling the Bell Labs Prize, in recent months Bell Labs also unveiled its plans to open at least three new antenna locations.
Bell Labs is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.
Prototype components are being produced in the fabrication facility of the New Jersey Nanotechnology Consortium (NJNC), a subsidiary of Lucent based at and run by Bell Labs in Murray Hill, N.
In addition to the cash prizes, all of the finalists will be offered the chance to continue to collaborate with Bell Labs to further explore and develop their ideas.
Alcatel-Lucent's Bell Labs maintains a leading role in research and innovation with a focus on how networks should evolve based on the changing behaviors and demands of the end user.
Dynamic optimization gives us an entirely new way of managing network traffic," says Mike Flanagan, Bell Labs technical manager, who is overseeing the testing.
With the BSR, Bell Labs has once again delivered a breakthrough technology innovation for the wireless industry.
100,000 donation to the accredited university or institution of higher learning in which the overall winner of the Bell Labs Prize is enrolled at the time of their application.