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a country on the northeastern coast of Central America on the Caribbean

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It is unfortunate that Joanna Blythman is cynical about a move that will help to empower Belizian farmers and ensure better working conditions, healthcare, education, and infrastructure for their communities.
In addition there is an organic Belizian vanilla latte, and an organic caffe latte.
Riflemen Durgahang Limbu, 27, Yograj Rai, 23, and Ramesh Rai, 24, appeared before seven British officers and presiding judge advocate Paul Camp in the Belizian capital Belmopan.
Within minutes of what the prosecution called a 'revenge attack' by the Gurkhas, 14-year-old David Zabaneh, the son of a Belizian landowner, was left seriously injured.
WE are members of the Royal Engineers and have been in the Belizian jungle for the last two months and are here for another four, rebuilding a local school that was destroyed by Hurricane Iris.
The Creole population is a mixture of the many distinct ethnic groups in Belize and the language captures the essence of the gentle Belizian folk-wisdom.
We have the full support of the Belizian government, a conceptual drawing of the hotel by the renown architectural firm of Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo, and are well along in talks with a major international hotel group.
An Army spokeswoman said: "Six soldiers were charged today with murder in connection with the death of a Belizian civilian in May 2001.
Such a clause would impose a further restriction on Mr Ashcroft, who is Belizian ambassador to the United Nations.