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a country on the northeastern coast of Central America on the Caribbean

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Belizean Prime Minister Dean Barrow, of the United Democratic Party (UDP), won a record third term in the Nov.
It's pretty awesome that our Belizean jungle thriller being enjoyed as far away as Australia, India and Singapore," says Klinck, "it's a giant leap for Belizean artists.
Belizean officials suspect there is money laundering activity in their two free trade zones known as Commercial Free Zones or CFZs.
The participant said he felt better than before, was able to see things from a different point of view and now realized Belizeans "fight over a lot of minor stuff, and if this mediation didn't happen, blood was going to be shed.
The Beachy Amish came to help with reconstruction, stayed, and continue to evangelize native Belizeans, most of whom are already Christians.
Political parties: United Democratic Party (UDP), People's United Party (PUP), National Alliance for Belizean Rights (NABR), National Reform Party (NRP), Vision Inspired By the People (VIP), People's National Party (PNP), We the People Reform Movement (WTP).
Belizeans watched as comparable dynamics in other parts of the Diaspora produce similar but unique forms of Black Power responses during the 1960s and 1970s.
Ella's first project in the country was to teach Belizean children how to play chess as part of a program called "Bad Cats," aimed at complementing Ian's program work with struggling high school students.
According to a recent estimate published in an end-of-year 2006 report, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) estimated that approximately a third of Belizeans live below the poverty line.
Fortis may make a quick profit out of it, but Belizeans will be left with the real costs for generations.
He said a previous gay cruise "left an unpleasant taste in the mouths of many Belizeans.
During the month of September, Belizeans celebrate their independence.
The simplicity of her entry, complete with a photo of a smiling Sherlett leaning casually against the railing of a bridge, captures the identity of many working-class Belizeans - regular, everyday folk who take care of their families and, with little time for themselves, prefer to take joy in the small things in life.
Treaty Energy has had meetings with a number of community leaders in areas where the Company intends to drill and is pleased to report that these community leaders are uplifted and energized with our intent and in particular that Treaty will be providing employment opportunities for numerous local Belizeans.
Belizeans refer to their country as a "melting pot of cultures"--a surprisingly accurate description for a country of only 330,000 people.