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a country on the northeastern coast of Central America on the Caribbean

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Another unanticipated finding was that Belizeans were happier and more popular in high school than their American counterparts.
Belizean Prime Minister Dean Barrow, of the United Democratic Party (UDP), won a record third term in the Nov.
xiv), she is certainly right to assert that Belizean history "deserves more attention" (p.
According to Donald Kraybill, "members of the Lower Barton community have mostly Old Order roots, whereas members of Springfield and Upper Barton have a mixture of Swiss-German, Dutch-Russian, and Belizean backgrounds.
It's pretty awesome that our Belizean jungle thriller being enjoyed as far away as Australia, India and Singapore," says Klinck, "it's a giant leap for Belizean artists.
Belizean officials suspect there is money laundering activity in their two free trade zones known as Commercial Free Zones or CFZs.
The participant said he felt better than before, was able to see things from a different point of view and now realized Belizeans "fight over a lot of minor stuff, and if this mediation didn't happen, blood was going to be shed.
This last example demonstrates how, through local and national arenas and discussions, Belizeans learn implicit and explicit messages about the power, values, and roles of cultural heritage in the country.
Belizeans went to the polls in municipal and general elections, with the ruling United Democratic Party winning 17 seats and the People's United Party (PUP) 14 seats in the 31-member House of Representatives, reports Caribbean News Now (March 9, 2012).
A majority of Belizeans who decided to participate in the referendum held along with the national elections on February 7, 2008 voted in favor of a change from the current appointed Senate to an elected one.
Beyond the popular support for the Negro World and an affinity with Africa, the success of the UNIA chapters in Belize was a function of its ability to aid ordinary Belizeans in grappling with the problems that confronted them on a daily basis.
Chess wasn't new to Belize but Ian Anderson says only a handful of Belizeans have traditionally played the game.
Now in his 70s, notwithstanding his national celebrity and some distribution of his recordings abroad, and having been named to the Order of the British Empire after playing for the Queen upon her visit to Belize, Peters is largely retired, not a matter of age so much as the declining popularity of the music he plays, particularly among younger Belizeans.
According to a recent estimate published in an end-of-year 2006 report, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) estimated that approximately a third of Belizeans live below the poverty line.