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a country on the northeastern coast of Central America on the Caribbean

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The Belizean government attempted to push forward a similar project in 2004, when the government planned to build a US$50 million docking port in the Port of Loyola area in Belize City.
The simplicity of her entry, complete with a photo of a smiling Sherlett leaning casually against the railing of a bridge, captures the identity of many working-class Belizeans - regular, everyday folk who take care of their families and, with little time for themselves, prefer to take joy in the small things in life.
Created in 1994, the Corozal Free Trade Zone was supposed to create jobs and stimulate national and foreign investment in the Corozal district, after the closure of the Liberated Sugar Factory in 1985 caused widespread unemployment in northern Belize and forced thousands of young Belizeans to migrate to southern Mexico and the US (NotiCen, July 29, 2010).
For a special cultural treat, your family can visit private Belizean homes and enjoy a buffet of local foods.
The contest is a first for the small Belizean resort, which hopes to do its part to increase Belize's popularity as a tourist destination and reward its fans on Facebook by offering giveaways.
Representatives of the government of Venezuela met with officials here to launch a free eye care program for Belizean residents, reports Caribbean Net News (Oct.
In an attempt to diversify Belize's economic activities, authorities have encouraged the growth of offshore financial activities and have pegged the Belizean dollar to the U.
Also required is a financial statement from a Belizean bank or credit union certifying that the applicant's investment or deposit will generate at least US$2,000 a month, or the equivalent of US$24,000 a year.
In June, the Belizean Government approved our Subdivision Application for three development parcels consisting of approximately 17,000 acres, plus one remaining parcel of about 14,000 acres," Walch said.
Activists are seeking to change Article 53 of the Belizean Constitution, which declares gay relationships unlawful, on the grounds that it is an infringement of basic human rights.
Happy Hour with the Butterflies" is a unique opportunity to experience thousands of butterflies engaging in sunset rituals while sipping your choice of Belizean cocktail.
is a Belizean Corporation that is developing Treasure Cove Belize (www.
I discovered that by writing I could overcome some of the obstacles that faced me as a woman, a Belizean, and later on as someone who was living away from Belize.
A private guide will lead you from the depths of the Belizean rainforest to famous Mayan sites of Guatemala, and you will be staying at luxurious properties throughout your journey.