Belgian hare

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red breed of domestic rabbits


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Bright eyes Stara Cowban with a red-eyed white Polish rabbit SHOWTIME Neil Harris with his Belgian hare
The Belgian Hare Club will take pride of place in the rabbit tent at the Honley Show next Saturday.
I had some mostly New Zealand Whites (with some Belgian Hare and Giant Chinchilla bred in) that averaged 36 bunnies a year for about five years.
So we still hear about Belgian Hares, and there are still plenty of con artists around trying to duplicate that Belgian Hare boom with their offers of unbelievable profits raising rabbits.
Maybe I've spent too much time reading about the scams of years past in back issues of this magazine, going back to the Belgian Hare boom (and even fancy ladies paid outrageous prices for Brahma chickens at one time).
The 33-yearold breeder and mum of two from Cwmbran has 10 English lop-eared bunnies, 15 Himalayan rabbits, two Belgian hares, a silver rabbit and one Dutch rabbit.
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