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a native or inhabitant of Belgium

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The trip included a visit to a 40-bull Belgian Blue stud farm from where 18,000 semen straws are exported on a weekly basis.
Winning handler Jade Phillips with her commercial cattle prizewinner at the Llandyfaelog Agricultural and Horticultural Society show, the three-year-old Belgian Blue heifer Balzar Elegant
He developed a technique for using Belgian Blue that beats the devil out of any other procedure I've ever tried or heard about.
The breeds represented German Angus, a typical beef cattle; Galloway, a smaller, environmentally resistant producer of beef; Holstein Friesian, a dairy type having significant beef characteristics; and Belgian Blue, an extreme type for muscle growth.
The Angus crosses consumed less feed, reached slaughter condition earlier and achieved a higher end-price to record a gross margin of pounds 232 per head compared with pounds 157 for the pure Friesian and pounds 134 for the Belgian Blue crossed Friesian.
Lee and McPherron, as well as two other research groups, have now identified mutations in the myostatin gene of the Belgian Blue, a celebrated strain of cattle bred in Belgium over the last few decades.
Top price of pounds 1,120 for an excellent Belgian Blue bullock from D & Y Wilson, Plumpe Farm, Gretna.
Mynach Vandal & Mynach Treasure - Limousin); res: B Hughes (Beefy Bach - Limousin cross Belgian Blue steer and Daddy's Girl - Belgian Blue cross Limousin cross Angus heifer).
Haltered cattle Steer sired by Limousin Bull R Coe, Intake Heifer sired by Limousin Bull WM Reed & Sons, West Biggens Steer sired by Belgian Blue Bull JW Smith-Jackson, High Town Heifer sired by Belgian Blue Bull A Hall, Preston Tilery Breed classes Best Limousin-cross steer JW Smith-Jackson, High Town Best Limousin-cross heifer R&MJ Lee, Harwood Shield Best Charolais-cross steer W & JA Longlands, Rusheylaw Best Charolais-cross heifer JRG Johnson, West Wharmley Best Blonde-cross steer R English & Son, Brownsleazes Best Blonde-cross heifer R English & Son, Browns lazes Best Belgian Blue-cross steer R Carr, Homilton Best Belgian Blue-cross heifer WR Sparke & Son, Little Swinburne
The young and well-turned-out outfits were greeted with a flurry of bids from potential purchasers and topped at pounds 1,160 for a Belgian Blue cross cow and her March-born Limousin cross heifer calf.
Also in the final line-up was the Belgian Blue heifer Henlli Wynette, bred by Geraint and Mannon Williams, of Bryn Henlle, Bodorgan.
John Smith Jackson, 45, of Hightown Farm, Melkridge, near Haltwhistle, Northumberland, switched the tag from a Belgian Blue bullock he had bought at Hexham Mart to a limousin cross bullock, which he then sold at Middleton in Teesdale Mart.
A crossbred heifer sired by a Limousin bull, and out of a Belgian Blue cross cow, smashed all records at the sale of show potential cattle at Brecon Market on Saturday, February 17.
The first theft occurred in Llanfigael between 5pm on Wednesday, May 26 and 9 am on Friday, May 28, when a red Limousin cow (ear tag number UKA3023/00381) was snatched along with a Belgian Blue calf (ear tag number UK703668/600299).
Leading prices: Cattle 23 Month or Over - Limousin x Steers pounds 818, pounds 795, pounds 792, pounds 790, pounds 775 & pounds 750 Clitheroe, pounds 735, pounds 710 & pounds 700 (x2) High Warden Limousin x Heifers pounds 658, pounds 652, pounds 642 & pounds 635 Edder Acres Charolais x Steers pounds 690 & pounds 675 High Warden Charolais x Heifers pounds 762 Clitheroe Angus x Heifers pounds 585 Dene House Belgian Blue x Heifers pounds 550 Edder Acres South Devon Heifers pounds 665 Greenshields.
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