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capital and largest city of Northern Ireland

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NI 019803) having its registered office at 8 Westbank Road, Belfast Harbour Estate, Belfast, BT3 9JL of which the following persons are directors:-Mr Roger Hall, Mr Niall James Mackinlay, Mr Alan McGuinness, Mr Ronan Hughes, Mr Christopher David McKay, Mr Hugh Francis Cushnahan, Ms Andrea Carson.
Lennon Airport to Belfast Explore the sights Soak up the sights in Belfast, from free tours of the stunning Belfast City Hall to the fascinating Ulster Museum set in the tranquil grounds of Botanic Gardens.
She said: This is another important step for us and our partners in delivering world-class facilities and job creation opportunities for Belfast.
From 1600 to 1750, as Raymond Gillespie highlights, Belfast not only grew into a sizeable and prosperous town with a complex social composition, attracting internal migrants as well as smaller numbers from England, Scotland, and the Isle of Man, but also with some traits common to its more modern history.
Then a similar misplaced pass allowed Belfast to break again, forcing Russ Cowley into taking a penalty.
The violence comes as alleged rioters, seven men and two women, appeared at special sitting at Belfast Magistrates' Court last night.
th] anniversary of the liner's sinking, a Titanic Memorial Garden at Belfast City Hall was officially unveiled by the Lord Mayor of Belfast Niall O Donnghaile.
Titanic Belfast, the world's largest Titanic visitor attraction, opened in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 31 March on the very site where the ship was designed, built and first kissed the water.
That's where he came from and that's where he gets the roots of his humour - that sort of Belfast dry wit, no respect for anything or everybody but respect at the same time.
The airline is switching its current Cardiff Airport to Belfast International Airport service to George Best Belfast City Airport from January 1.
IDRC European council chair Richard Spray of Blue Circle Industries announced the selection of Belfast at the conclusion of the IDRC Copenhagen-Malmo World Congress.
Many of those slain Saturday in Omagh, 70 miles west of Belfast, were unwittingly evacuated closer to the bomb by police acting on a misleading phone warning.
Within three days of the bombing, Women Together had 6,000 people on the streets of Belfast, brandishing paper doves of peace.
Clinton traveled to Belfast to celebrate a new season of peace and hope in that troubled part of the world, they received thousands of letters from Northern Irish students expressing their hopes for the future.