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a style of operatic singing

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Among them will be the latest Series 6 Pageant from Bailey, Burstner's new nine-model Trecanto luxury range and upgraded and extended Belcanto (formerly the C-Class) line-up together with the completely revamped 2007 Avondale Dart.
WHEN Performance, the Satellite TV arts channel, went on the air a year or two ago, they showed a series of programmes entitled Belcanto, The Tenors of the 78 Era.
Personally, I am tempted by the idea of taking all that historic baggage opera brings with it, from belcanto mannerisms to the various orchestral cliches, and getting them involved in the game.
Special events will include concerts by Trio Belcanto and lectures by Dr.
I am thinking of Rene Ricard's remarkable belcanto arias for Schnabel and Basquiat and Edit deAk's chansons d'amour for Clemente.
It is interesting that, despite the general worship of Italian belcanto, Italy itself was producing plays making fun of the whims of opera prima donnas, who exaggerated the passion of the public with their seeming virtuosity but who were actually indifferent to the rest of action in the opera when they weren't singing.