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Synonyms for Belarusian

the Slavic language spoken in Belarus

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Under the Lukashenka regime, Belarusian authorities have pursued a generally hostile policy toward the private sector and have refused to initiate the basic economic reforms necessary to create a market-based economy.
In the statement, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called the Belarusian President's comments "unprecedentedly inappropriate".
com (Sofia News Agency) Mikhail Vashkevich, a Belarusian dissident, writer and journalist living in exile in Bulgaria since 1996, and Boris Tashkov, head of the Committee, said they denounced the violence that the Belarusian regime used to disperse a 40 000 opposition rally in Minsk protesting the rigged elections on December 19, 2010, which gave the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko a fourth term.
A high-ranking delegation including Belarusian commercial and industrial officials accompany Radevich in his visit to Tehran.
The exhibition, which has been organised by the Embassy of Belarus in Abu Dhabi, in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (Adach), features 46 items of modern art, including paintings by Belarusian modernist Marc Shagall.
The analyzed in the book considerable historical period on the development of transport communications on Belarusian lands is subdivided by the author into a number of characteristic staged.
During his visit to AA's Director General Hilmi Bengi, Belarusian ambassador Valery Kolesnik said that he was ready to extend all the necessary support to launch a cooperation between AA and Belarusian Telegraph Agency (BELTA).
Batura conveyed greetings of the Belarusian president along with his best wishes of continuous success to His Majesty.
Particularly, we are planning to employ the concept of the "cognitive map" while observing the complicated and syncretic mental structure of Belarusian society.
Sberbank has been considering the acquisition of a top Belarusian lender since the beginning of 2009 and in October, the head of the Belarusian National Bank said that an agreement on a deal could be signed by the end of November.
Kumar assured the Belarusian Minister of the Government's full support in strengthening trade and economic engagement with Belarus.
However, the future of the programme was thrown into doubt last week after the Belarusian Government imposed a ban on all children travelling on aid trips overseas.
He was speaking in the Belarusian city of Grodno, where dozens of Belarusian opposition activists held three protests against integration, wearing T-shirts of the banned Belarusian national flag.
Those living near Chernobyl and in the Belarusian forests collect wood--a major repository of radionuclides--to sell as building material or firewood.
com/research/0c144a/old_and_new_routes) has announced the addition of the "Old and New Routes of Russian Gas to Europe: Belarusian Scenario for Ukraine" report to their offering.
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