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utensil consisting of a cylinder (usually of wood) with a handle at each end

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7ppkg from J R Evans Brynderwen Charolaisx (x1) 465kg 230ppkg from Tynybryn Farms Tynybryn Charolaisx (x4) 470kg 228ppkg from M P B Ashton & Son Belan Ddu Charolaisx (x4) 442kg 224ppkg from T G Bennett & Co Neuadd Limousinx (x2) 402kg 224ppkg from J A Williams Llechwedd Dyrys
We will use our belan s to stop such practices if any complaint of this nature is made to us.
5 percent lower than that of February 4, 2013, which indicates investors' high appetite for Ukrainian credit risk," stated Belan.
FORT BELAN CHARITY SDT Proceeds of pounds 400 to Parkinson Disease Research.
Algerian Foreign Minister Amar Belan has said in a statement that his country had adhered to a policy of 'strict neutrality' throughout the Libya crisis and respects 'the decision of every person under its sovereignty'.
Eyewitness and resident Wendy Belan was woken up by the disturbance.
Eyewitness Wendy Belan 32, said she saw a man with a cricket bat or piece of fencing confront a group in the street outside their home, shouting: "Come on, then
As for Red Bull Simply Cola, an assessment commissioned by Red Bull from the Austrian Belan Institute did not detect any trace of cocaine, and consequently clearly contradicts the assessment furnished by the LIGA (North Rhine Westphalia Institute for Health and Labour) in Germany.
However, Olena Belan, an analyst with Dragon Capital, said: "Despite the catastrophic figures, the economy continues to function, even if at a slower pace.
The resumption of cooperation with the IMF is more important than the money," said Olena Belan, analyst at Dragon Capital.
Pascal Belan & Stephane Gauthier, Optimal Indirect Taxation with a Restricted Number of Tax Rates, 90 J.
So also multidisciplinary investigations, in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan and in the Belan Valley of north central India, have been productive, with a promise of more exciting results.
Jerry Belan, Murray Boyce, David Orsini (City of Toronto Parks and Recreation Department); Nadine Harris, Gerry Everson, Nancy Smith, Robin Sorys (High Park Citizens Advisory Committee); Gigi Suhanic (High Park Quarterly); and Susan Martin (posters).
5m in Belan, a company formed to undertake the management and employee buyout of housebuilder Beazer Partnerships from Persimmon.
Heading the new management team of the company, to be named Belan, is John Cadwallader who becomes managing director.