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utensil consisting of a cylinder (usually of wood) with a handle at each end

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American Rivers can help you find grants to assist with upfront cost, says Belan, adding that it did so at the Milwaukee plant.
We will use our belan s to stop such practices if any complaint of this nature is made to us.
In their second matches of the competition, Pakistani cueists Mohsin Amin will take on Indian player Nitesh Madaan, Amir Tariq will be up against Indian cueist Rahul Ajay Sachdev, Muhammad Majid Ali will play his match against Swedish player Belan Sharif and Hamza Akbar will take on Australian player Cale Barrett.
Director of Planning and International Cooperation Department at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, Ali Belan, highlighted that the Higher Relief Committee was formed since months to mobilize and organize efforts targeting the affected families.
Mary Belan Doggett joined San Antonio-based Propel Financial Services as general counsel.
FORT BELAN CHARITY SDT Proceeds of pounds 400 to Parkinson Disease Research.
Algerian Foreign Minister Amar Belan has said in a statement that his country had adhered to a policy of 'strict neutrality' throughout the Libya crisis and respects 'the decision of every person under its sovereignty'.
Eyewitness and resident Wendy Belan was woken up by the disturbance.
Eyewitness Wendy Belan 32, said she saw a man with a cricket bat or piece of fencing confront a group in the street outside their home, shouting: "Come on, then
Adding further, in her drama mood on set Priyanka even picked up a belan and threatened the host, Pravesh, that she would hit him with it if he doesn't behave himself
Executive producers, David McKillop, Molly Thompson, Robert Belan, David Kowitz, Gareth Wiley.
However, Olena Belan, an analyst with Dragon Capital, said: "Despite the catastrophic figures, the economy continues to function, even if at a slower pace.
Belan in 1546 in Northeast of Turkey and was subsequently brought Europe (Ercisli, 2004).
In 2006, Neill, Belan, and Reid conducted a review of non-pharmacological interventions for fatigue in patients with multiple-sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, or systemic-lupus erythematosus.
5m in Belan, a company formed to undertake the management and employee buyout of housebuilder Beazer Partnerships from Persimmon.